Wrruushi Feat

Wookiee warriors have crafted a special style of fighting that combines their incredible strength with precise motions to perfect a martial arts form unique to their species. The style, know as Wrruushi, cannot be taught to members of other species. The style not only allows the use of leathal force but also gives Wookiees options beyond simply smashing their opponents. In fact, one of the main focuses of the style is the ability to disable an opponent instead of killing him. Since much of the Wookiee's strength is in her upper body, the martial arts style focuses heavily on punches, jabs, and throws. Unlike the quicker martial arts styles, Wrruushi focuses more on single strikes, no more than two or three at a time.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts, Wookiees only

Benefit: As a full-attack action, you may make a single unarmed attack against one opponent, adding one and a half times your Strength bonus to damage.

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