White Current Adept Prestige Class


The Fallanassi tradition is unusual in that its members do not even acknowledge the existence of the Force as it is thought of by the majority of the galaxy. Instead, they believe in what they call the White Current.

The White Current is assumed by non-Fallanassi to be simply another way of looking at the Force, as it exhibits many of the same qualities. The Fallanassi, however, believe that it has profoundly different properties. The Fallanassi don’t even believe in channeling energy the way other traditions tap into the Force, but rather “immerse” themselves in the White Current using passive techniques. The concept of “using” the Force is almost completely foreign to them, just as their analogy that dipping into the White Current is like a swimmer diving into a rushing river is incomprehensible to a Jedi.

According to all that’s known about the Fallanassi, the tradition is very old, possibly older than the Republic itself. However, unlike other Force traditions that attempt to recruit new members to their organization, the Fallanassi have dedicated themselves almost completely to hiding their existence from the galaxy at large. As such, no records of their existence were even written until Luke Skywalker encountered them many years after the fall of the Empire.

Secrecy being one of their main concerns, the Fallanassi rarely if ever take part in large-scale events that could possibly uncover their existence. They avoid major events at all costs and are as likely to turn their backs on any conflict to protect their own interests as they are to flee with everything they own.

The Fallanassi are primarily Human, though non-Humans have occasionally been brought into the fold. Their communities are small and scattered, and out of necessity the entire group is mobile. They could almost be considered a nomadic people, except for the fact that their movement is not based on the expenditure of resources, but rather on the preservation of their own secrecy.

The Fallanassi constantly keep watch for anyone or anything that might threaten their privacy. Their efforts were successful until, out of necessity, they were forced to contact Luke Skywalker. Graciously, Master Skywalker recorded minimal information about the Fallanassi in his report back to the New Republic and, aside from their sheer existence, revealed almost nothing about their ways or powers.

Fallanassi Philosophy

To the Fallanassi, the Force is a flowing river rather than an energy field. They believe they must immerse themselves in this river rather than attempt to use the Force like a tool, and this means of accessing the White Current has affected every aspect of their lifestyle and philosophy.

Above all, the Fallanassi treasure their privacy and take great measures to preserve it. They believe in keeping to themselves and allowing the galaxy to move around them without ever being moved themselves. They are pacifistic and almost never raise a hand, much less use the Force, against another being. The Fallanassi have a reactive, rather than proactive, outlook on the universe and are content to go about their daily lives in isolated communities while the galaxy changes and progresses around them.

Force Tradition

Nearly every member of a Fallanassi community is Forces Sensitive, and the knowledge and training associated with the White Current is passed down from parent to child. The tradition as a whole has no goals other than remaining hidden and continuing its own line. This leads some to believe that the Fallanassi are simply isolationists who use their knowledge of the White Current as a means to that end.

While this is somewhat true, the Fallanassi would argue that their philosophy is the result of seeing the turmoil brought into the galaxy by those who use the Force for
their own personal gain. While the Fallanassi do little beyond teaching their own children and moving from place to place, they have been known to send a single representative out into the galaxy at large to discern any threats to their existence and report back if the need to change location once again arises.


Since immersing oneself in the White Current is a very passive process, most early years of the Fallanassi training revolves around letting go of one’s inhibitions and preconceptions and learning to surrender oneself to the White Current. Letting the flow of the White Current envelop oneself is a difficult concept for many to grasp. As dangerous as the galaxy is, most beings are raised to believe that if you do not have control over your own destiny, you will be swept up in the destinies of others.

After immersion in the White Current can be achieved with relative ease, students of the Fallanassi learn to use the myriad techniques available to them in the protection and concealment of the community. However, the training of a Fallanassi is almost never complete, as the ebb and flow of the White Current frequently takes one who has immersed
herself down paths of new knowledge and understanding.

Force Powers

The most useful ability displayed by the Fallanassi is their talent for complete immersion in the White Current. This not only conceals them in the Force from other beings but also hides them from sight as well, making them completely invisible to the naked eye and to electronic sensors.allanassi can create incredibly advanced illusions. The White Current allows them to make reflections of themselves in the form of “doppelgangers”—illusory duplicates of the Fallanassi who create them. Beyond that, the Fallanass teach some limited healing talents but abhor the use of the Force to harm other living beings.

White Current Adept

Among the Fallanassi are those who excel at immersing themselves in the White Current, rising to high status within their communities. These adepts are quite powerful in their own way but use their abilities for the good of their people rather than their own personal gains. Though a few Fallanassi have fallen to the dark side and chosen to use the White Current for selfish reasons, the elders take great precautions in training their offspring while continuing their own education at the same time


To qualify to become a White Current adept, a character must fulfill the following criteria:
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Skills: Affect Mind 4 ranks
Force Stealth 8 ranks
Illusion 6 ranks
Feats: Alter
Special: White Current adepts must be raised and trained by the Fallanassi.

Game Rule Information

Vitality: Force Warriors gain 1d6 vitality points per level. The character’s Constitution modifier applies.

Class Skills

The Force Warrior’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are as follows.
Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Enhance Senses, Escape Artist, Force Stealth, Jump, Move Object, See Force, Telepathy

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