Underworld Connections Feat

Underworld Connections
You can arrange with Black Sun for crimes to be committed, without becoming personally involved.

Benefit: You can attempt favor checks to arrange criminal acts (see Favors and Contacts). Easy favors could include procuring a weapon (where weapons are illegal), stealing a vehicle, or helping to cover up a small crime. Problematic favors could include stealing a small starship, having someone attacked, or helping to cover up a felony (such as robbery or assault). Difficult favors could include stealing a large starship, having someone killed or kidnapped, or helping to cover up a major felony (such as murder). In any case, the crime is committed without your involvement becoming known.

Whenever you successfully arrange a favor like this with Black Sun, you must immediately attempt a Diplomacy check, with the DC equal to the DC of the favor. If the check fails, you lose one point of Black Sun Sympathy. If the check fails by 10 or more, you lose one point of Black Sun Sympathy and Black Sun expects you to assist them in some equally criminal way (such as arranging a similar favor for someone else). This ensures that they have something to use against you at some point in the future, if they deem it necessary to do so.

Special: You must have joined the Black Sun criminal syndicate to take this feat. If you later leave Black Sun, you lose the benefits of this feat.

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