Transfer Essence Skill

Transfer Essence (Cha)
Dark Side Skill: Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Sith Sorcery feats
You can transfer your life essence from your own body into the body of another – either empty vessel (such as a clone) or, in more extreme cases, another developed, intelligent being. Your consciousness then over-writes that other individual’s consciousness – leaving your mind in the other body. Your own body disintegrates, leaving behind your clothing and any items you previously held or carried.

Check: Your Transfer Essence check sets the DC for the target’s Will saving throw.

Result Will Saving Throw DC
20 or less 10
21-35 15
36+ 20

The target of this skill must be within 10 meters of you. You must expend a Force Point to use this ability. Attempting to use this skill is a full-round action. If your target makes the Will saving throw, your attempt fails, and you can never attempt to occupy that body again. Instead, you may immediately attempt to occupy a different body in the same 10 meter radius. As long as you have vitality points, you can continue to attempt to use this ability, but you cannot attempt to occupy the same body twice. Furthermore, you lose half your remaining vitality points for each attempt. If all of your attempts fail, your character’s consciousness is scattered, and he ceases to exist.

If your target fails his Will save, your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores overwrite those of your target, but the target’s Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution replace yours. You retain you classes and levels, your feats, and your Dark Side Points. You retain your skills, initiative modifier, base attack bonuses, vitality points, and saving throws, but these may need to be recalculated based on your new ability scores. You lose half your remaining Force Points and Reputation. Your wound points may change as well if your new body has a different Constitution score. Equipment does not carry over to the new body. The GM should make a note of the original body’s abilities, skills, and so on – particularly the body’s Will saving throw (see below).

If your attempt succeeded, the consciousness of the original body may still attempt to reassert control at a later time. Whenever you spend a Force Point, you must make another Transfer Essence check. The original consciousness my attempt another Will save against the new DC. If the save is successful, the body’s original consciousness forces your out. You may attempt another Transfer Essence check immediately to occupy a new host body (if one is available within 10 meters), with the same consequences for failure as the original check.

Regardless whether the target succeeds or fails the Will save, you lose half of your remaining vitality points on each attempt. Each attempt also gives you 2 Dark Side Points.

Retry: Yes, but each additional attempt decreases the Will save DC by – 5.

Special: Transferring your consciousness is a decidedly risky business, because it requires that your old body relinquish its grip on your life essence. In other words, you must die. Precisely how this occurs is unimportant, as long as you are able to declare the action and the skill attempt before you expire. (Since doing this requires an action, you cannot attempt Transfer Essence after your wound points drop to 0.)

Your original body only disintegrates when you voluntarily leave it. If you transfer your essence to another body, and the original consciousness asserts control, you are simply forced out, and the original body survives.

Note that the Force Defense skill adds a bonus to the target’s Will save.

You can also transfer your life essence from your own body into a specially prepared item, such as a temple, although this is a much more difficult process. This process requires that the user have ranks in Alchemy and that the life force other than the user’s is expended to help power the transfer. This application of the skill requires a check against DC 30. For every hundred lives that are willingly lost to provide power for this transfer, the DC is reduced by 1, to a minimum of DC 10. Success indicates that the user’s essence lives on, trapped within the prepared item until freed by another Force-User. Exar Kun used this application of Transfer Essence at the end of the Sith Wars.

Time: Transfer Essence is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Vitality Point Cost: Special; See above.

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