Teräs Käsi Feat

The martial arts form known as Teräs Käsi is an extremely rare ancient art. The form's origins are found on theworld of Bunduki in the Pacanth Reach, populated by a near-Human species known as the Epicanthix. The Followers of Palawa are a secretive sect of hermits that guard the teachings of Teräs Käsi. It is unknown whether or not the Followers created the martial arts style, but nearly all Teräs Käsi masters learned the style by journeying to Bunduki to learn from these keepers. The name Teräs Käsi actually means "steel hands," referring to the damage and toughness of the martial artist's unarmed attacks. The style focuses on power and strength, including varying levels of damage depending on the force that is applied to the attacks. The style is unique, and masters are few and far between.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts

Benefit: Once per day, you may ignore an opponent's damage reduction when calculating damage of all your unarmed attacks for 1 round.

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