Tech Specialist Class


Tech specialist combine training with natural genius to reach the top of their chosen field. Tech specialist can be dedicated physicians, curious scientists, brilliant technicians, or computer geniuses. They seek to help people or gain knowledge, to create technical gadgets or develop new scientific theories. Every adventuring team benefits from the talents of a tech specialist.


Some tech specialists become adventures for the credits and the glory. Others see the field as the best place to test their skills and add to their body of knowledge and training. Some believe it is their duty to provide the kind of help that is available nowhere else. A tech specialist might be a doctor or xenobiologist, a starship mechanic or a weaponsmith, a computer programmer or a droid engineer.


Tech specialist have the best all-around technical abilities, and an individual specialist develops skills and techniques that set him apart from his peers. A given tech specialist might be especially capable in a certain field of study, another trained to use a specific set of tools. As tech specialists gain experience, they get more opportunities to develop their technical proficiencies.


Most tech specialist start out in decidedly unheroic careers. They train to reach to the top of their chosen field, eventually offering their services to an adventuring party. Unlike most of the other examples of the heroic classes, the average tech specialist can’t wait to get back to his workshop or laboratory. He does what is necessary while it is necessary, but the call of research and development make the tech specialist long to return to his primary profession.

Game Rule Information

Tech specialist have the following game statistics.


Intelligence, by far, is the most important ability for a tech specialist. Wisdom and Dexterity serve the tech specialist well, providing the ability to better perceive the world around him and to interact with it at an advanced level.


Tech specialist gain 1d6 vitality points per level. The character’s Constitution modifier applies.

Class Skills

The tech specialist’s class skills, and the key ability for each, are as follows.
Astrogate (Int)
Computer Use (Int)
Craft* (Int)
Demolitions (Int)
Disable Device (Int)
Knowledge* (Int)
Pilot (Dex)
Profession* (Wis)
Read/Write Language
Repair (Int)
Search (Int)
Treat Injury (Wis)
*This skill actually encompasses a number of unrelated skills. Each time this skill is learned, a specific category must also be chosen.
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int Modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int Modifier

Class Features

All of the following are class features for the tech specialist.

Starting Feat

The tech specialist begins play with the following feat.
Weapon Group Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Bonus Feat

At 6th, 12th, and 18th level, the tech specialist gets a bonus feat. This feat must be drawn from the following list, and the tech specialist must meet any prerequisites:
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Lightning Reflexes
Low Profile
Starship Dodge
Starship Operation (Capital Ship)
Starship Operation (Starfighter)
Starship Operation (Space Transport)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols)
Zero-G Training

Skill Emphasis

At 1st level, the tech specialist gains the Skill Emphasis feat. This feat must be applied to a skill from the following list.
Computer Use
Craft (select one)
Repair, or Treat Injury


The tech specialist has a knack for finding technical information of all types. Starting at 2nd level, he gets to add his tech specialist level to any Knowledge check whenever he searches through databases and other sources when seeking technical information.

Instant Mastery

At 3rd level and 16th level, the tech specialist gains 4 ranks in any Intelligence-based skill (including cross-class skills, but not Force skills) that he currently has no ranks in.

Tech Specialty

At 4th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th level, the tech specialist gains a tech specialty. Each time, the tech specialist selects a specialty from among those described below. It can be a different specialty each time, or the tech specialist can choose the same specialty as many as three times over the course of the six selections.

Computer Specialist: Receive a +1 bonus on Computer Use checks. Additional selections of this tech specialty can improve the bonus to +2 and +3.

Mastercrafter: Applying this specialty to a specific Craft skill allows you to build mastercraft items using that skill. The type of items that can be mastercrafted, and the relevant Craft skill for each type, are as follows.

Weapons Craft (Specific Weapon Group/Type)
Armor Craft (Armor)
Datapad Craft (Electronic Devices)
Medpac Craft (Medpacs)
Security Kit Craft (Electronic Devices)
Sensor Pack Craft (Electronic Devices)

On average, it takes twice as long to construct a mastercraft item as it does to create an ordinary item of the same sort: You must pay double the cost for raw materials (2/3 of the item’s normal price rather than 1/3), and the result of every daily Craft check you make is halved (round down). You can add the mastercraft feature to an existing ordinary item by paying the raw material cost and then making daily Craft checks as though you were constructing the item itself.

In addition to the cost of raw materials, the tech specialist must also pay a number of experience points based on the mastercraft bonus being applied: 40 XP for a +1 bonus, 160 XP for a +2 bonus, and 360 XP for a +3 bonus. These experience points must be paid along with the raw materials cost, before the character makes any daily Craft checks to create the mastercraft item. If the expenditure of these XP would drop the character’s total below the minimum needed for his or her current level, then the XP cannot be paid (and the mastercraft work cannot be begun) until the character gains enough additional XP to remain at his current level after the expenditure is made.

Creating a mastercraft item is a task of extreme complexity; as such, the DC of the final Craft check to complete the item is 20.

When successfully completed, a mastercraft item provides a +1 bonus to the quality of an ordinary item of the same type. For more information, see Mastercraft Items.

Additional selections of this tech specialty can give a character the ability to make items with +2 and +3 bonuses. To make a +2 item, a tech specialist needs to start with a +1 item, paying the monetary and XP costs appropriate to that item. Similarly, to make a +3 item, the character needs to start with a +2 item.

Mechanic: Receive a +1 bonus on Repair checks. Additional selections of this tech specialty can improve the bonus to +2 and +3.

Medical Specialist: Receive a +1 bonus on Treat Injury checks. Additional selections of this tech specialty can improve the bonus to +2 and +3.

Surgical Specialist: Improve the number of wounds you can restore using the Treat Injury skill and the Surgery feat ay +1. Additional selections of this tech specialty can improve the number of wounds restored to +2 and +3.


At 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level, the tech specialist selects a specific Craft
Knowledge, or Profession skill. Each time, he must select a different skill.

You receive a +2 expert bonus on checks made using the selected skill. Note that expert bonuses do not stack.


A 1st-level tech specialist starts play with 1d6 x 500 credits.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Defense Bonus Reputation
1 +0 +0 +1 +1 Skill Emphasis +2 +0
2 +1 +0 +1 +1 Research +3 +0
3 +2 +0 +1 +1 Instant Mastery +3 +1
4 +3 +1 +2 +2 Tech Specialty +3 +1
5 +3 +1 +2 +2 Expert +4 +1
6 +4 +2 +3 +3 Bonus Feat +4 +1
7 +5 +2 +3 +3 +5 +2
8 +6 +3 +3 +3 Tech Specialty +5 +2
9 +6 +3 +4 +4 +5 +2
10 +7 +4 +4 +4 Expert +6 +2
11 +8 +4 +5 +5 Tech Specialty +6 +3
12 +9 +5 +5 +5 Bonus Feat +7 +3
13 +9 +5 +5 +5 +7 +3
14 +10 +6 +6 +6 Tech Specialty +7 +3
15 +11 +6 +6 +6 Expert +8 +4
16 +12 +7 +7 +7 Instant Mastery +8 +4
17 +12 +7 +7 +7 Tech Specialty +9 +4
18 +13 +8 +7 +7 Bonus Feat +9 +4
19 +14 +8 +8 +8 Tech Specialty +9 +5
20 +15 +9 +8 +8 Expert +10 +5
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