Summon Storm Feat

Summon Storm
You can manipulate the atmosphere to create rain, winds, and lightning.

Prerequisite: Alter, Force-Sensitive, Force level 6th+

Benefit: You may use this feat to create storm conditions in a radius around you equal to your Force-user level * 100 meters. The user can voluntarily reduce the radius if she desires, but not to less than half of its maximum. (Thus, a 6th-level Force adept with this feat could summon a storm 1,200 meters in diameter-twice the radius of 600 meters. The same Force adept could also shrink the storm down to a 600 meter diameter, if she desired, but no smaller.)

These conditions create rain that reduces visibility, winds that hinder activities, and intermittent lightning. The rain provides nine-tenths concealment to anyone in the area (in addition to thoroughly soaking anything that isn’t waterproof). The winds are strong enough to cause foliage to whip about violently and hurl loose leaves and paper about, providing a significant distraction to ordinary activities (a –2 penalty on all attacks, skill checks, and ability checks). The storm is not strong enough to move objects heavier than 1 kg. The lightning strikes are random, as with an ordinary storm; the user cannot direct them. Lightning hits a vessel very rarely, though its presence does provide an additional –2 penalty on Pilot checks for flying vessels through the storm.

Activating Summon Storm requires a full-round action and costs 5 vitality points per 10 minutes (paid at the onset of the 10-minute period). The storm can only be generated outdoors, and the GM may rule that certain effects of this feat do not apply in extreme climates. (This power could not be used to generate rain on Tatooine, for example.) If the effects of this power (blinding rain and driving winds) create dangerous conditions (such as sandstorms on Tatooine or blizzards on Hoth), the GM my also call for Survival checks.

Special: Though most commonly used by dark-siders, this ability is not a dark side feat. However, those who use Summon Storm indiscriminately-and thus risk injuring the innocent-may gain a Dark Side Point for unleashing uncontrollable forces and indirectly causing harm. The GM should carefully consider whether the character using Summon Storm showed concern for its effects on the innocent.

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