Stormtrooper Armor

Worn by the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire, stormtrooper armor comes in a variety of models based around a standard white-and-black shell. Filled with electronics that assist and augment the stormtrooper in his duties, it includes rudimentary environmental protection, three-phase sonic filtering, and visual amplification. Because stormtrooper armor requires training to operate properly, those who attempt to employ “appropriated” stormtrooper armor find it cumbersome and restrictive.

Variants of this armor also exist, including snowtrooper armor and sandtrooper armor. Each has a slightly different characteristics, but all include the basic characteristics common to all stormtrooper armor. Though unavailable on the open market, these suits can occasionally be found on the black market at the given price.

Stormtrooper armor (including all variants, such as clone trooper armor) provides a wear who has the Armor Proficiency (Powered Armor) feat a +2 equipment bonus on Listen checks, Spot checks, and Fortitude saving throws made to resist hostile environments.

Snowtrooper armor provides a +6 equipment bonus on Fortitude saving throws made to resist cold temperatures.

Sandtrooper armor proves a +6 equipment bonus on Fortitude saving throws made to resist hot temperatures.

Armor Costa Damage Reductiona Max Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Speed (10m) Speed (6m) Weight
Stormtrooper Armor 8,000 5 +2 -2 8 4 16 kg
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