Stava Feat

The Noghri fighting style known as Stava has spread throughout the galaxy since the liberation of the Noghri from the grip of the Empire. Unlike some species-specific martial arts, the Noghri have been able to teach their particular style of fighting to Humans, Twi'lek, and even Wookiees. The style is very physical, often bringing the combatants into close contact. Stava combat utilizes full-body tackles, throws, and full-arm blows, as well as the powerful jabs and snap kicks commonly used in instances where close combat is ineffective. Stava is a quick and dangerous style, and in unarmed combat an opponent using it can often act before the target has a chance to react.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts

Benefit: When executing a charge attack action while unarmed, you gain one additional attack, albeit at a -5 penalty.

Normal: You may make only a single attack on a charge.

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