Starship Combat

Combat in Starships

You may take 2 move actions, 1 move and 1 attack action, or 1 full-round action. During a move action you may perform 1 stunt.

Your Turn

  1. Declare Speed Category
  2. Apply Modifiers based on Speed
  3. Make all movements (including stunts) and attacks

Starship Speed Modifiers (pg 218)

Category Squares D Mod Check Mod
Stationary 0 -4 +0
Docking 1 -2 +0
Cruising 2 -4 +0 -1
Attack 5-8 +2 -2
Ramming 9+ +4 -4

Range Modifiers (pg 214)

Your Maximum range is determined by the weapon.
Range Squares Modifier
Point Blank 0-1 +0
Short 2-5 -2
Medium 6-10 -4
Long 11-20 -6
Point Blank Range (pg 214)
  • At point blank range, a capital ship can target no more than 1/4 of their weapons at a medium or small size ship and no more than 1/10 their weapons at a Tiny, Diminutive, or Fine size ship.including point defense weapons. Round Down to a minimum of 1 weapon.

Missile Weapons (pg 214)

  • Attacker Designates a Target
  • Missile moves 9 squares toward target
  • Missile moves on the initiative it was fired and acts as soon as it is fired
  • When the Missile enters the targets square, it makes an attack roll based on its quality (+5 to +20)
  • If the missile fails it moves past the target. And may attempt to attack the target again next round. May not attempt Stunts.
  • A missile has enough fuel for 6 rounds.
  • A missile may be shot down. It has a defense of 22 and 30 hull points.

Distracting a missile (pg 215)

  • Fly into a square occupied by other objects and ships.
  • Everyone in that square makes a pilot check
  • Lowest pilot check is the missiles new target.
  • Unpiloted obstacles have a check of 10
  • If the new target is an unpiloted obstacle, the missile hits and detonates.

Point Defense Weapons (214)

  • May only fire at point blank range (0-1).
  • Fire as if they were part of a medium size ship (+0 size mod).

Flying Defensively (pg 212)

  • Flying Defensively grants +2 dodge bonus and -4 to attack If you have 6 plus ranks in pilot this increases to a +3 dodge bonus
  • Full Defense grants a +4 dodge bonus but does not allow the pilot to attack. Gunners may attack at a -8. If you have 6 plus ranks in pilot, this increases to a +6 dodge bonus.

Cover (pg 213)

  • Any interceding object provides a cover bonus to the target. Only the largest object’s cover bonus counts.
Cover Defense Bonus
Colossal/Gargantuan +4
Huge/Large +2
Medium/Small +1
Tiny/Dimin/Fine +0

Angling Shields (pg 215)

  • Used to double the shield points against damage from one direction. But do not protect against other directions. When redistributing shield points back to normal, half the remaining shield points.

Firing into a Dogfight (pg 214)

  • Apply a -4 penalty to attack when firing at a ship within point blank range of an ally ship.

Ion Damage (pg 216)

  • If a ship receives hull damage from an ion weapon, it cannot move, fire weapons, or perform stunts until the damage is repaired (based on the following table).
Damage Repair DC
11-20 10
21-40 15
41-60 20
61-80 25
81+ 3 0

Starship Maneuvers

Simple Manuevers (pg 219 to 220)

Require no pilot check

  • Move: Forward up to speed.
  • Diagonal Movement: (Every 2 squares of diagonal movement counts for 3 squares of movement)
  • Reverse: A ship traveling in reverse moves at docking speed.
  • Simple Slip: A simple slip moves the ship one square forward and to the right or left. Costs 3 squares of movement
  • Side Slip: For Every square the ship moves forward it may move 2 squares left or right. Costs 5 squares of movement.
  • 45 Degree Turn: Any ship may make a 45 degree turn by expending 1 square of movement. Before a ship may turn it must move forward at least 1 square. Turning around completely costs 8 squares of movement. 4 for the turns and 4 moves forward.
  • Loop: 360 degree Loop costs 16 squares of movement and the ship winds up behind its original position.
  • Attack Run: As part of a full attack option, the ship moves directly at it’s target and gains a +2 to its attack and a -2 to defense.
  • Ram Attack: Fly your ship directly at the target, make an attack roll with a +2 bonus, and ignore the target’s armor bonus to defense. If the attack succeeds, resolve as a collision. If the attack fails your ship moves in a direct line completing its normal movement.


  • If a stunt check fails by 10 or more, there is a chance the pilot loses control.
Quick Turns (pg 220)
Turn your ship without first moving forward 1 space.
Turn in Degrees DC
45 5
90 10
135 15
180 20

Landing (pg 220)

  • DC = 25 +/- per size category smaller/larger than medium

Docking (pg 220)

  • The two ships must occupy the same square. Pilot Check of 13

Strafing Run (pg 221)

  • Enter the target’s square and make a Pilot Check DC 10 (if failed a collision occurs)
  • Make a Pilot check DC based on Target’s size
Size DC Size DC
Colossal 17 Huge 23
Gargantuan 21 Large 24
  • If successful the pilot flies too close & only point defense weapons may fire.
  • During a strafing run a ship of small size or lesser disappears off the sensors of a ship Huge size or larger. You could attempt to Dock with the larger ship DC 25, and disappear completely.
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