Sith Sword

An alchemically altered blade attached to an ordinary sword hilt, the Sith sword was often a match for a lightsaber when wielded by a trained Sith warrior. The alterations allow the blade to deflect blaster bolts and lightsabers, just as lightsabers themselves do. The blade also focuses the Force energy of the user, giving the edge an unnatural sharpness. As the wielder grows more proficient in the power of the dark side, the blade becomes more deadly.

To simulate this, when a dark side character who wields a Sith sword calls upon the dark side of the Force, he may choose to add his dark side bonus dice to the sword's damage, rather than adding it to his attack roll with the weapon. The damage bonus lasts for 10 rounds + 1 round per Force level of the wielder. (This bonus cannot be added to any other rolls during that time, such as attack rolls or skill rolls.)

In addition, Sith swords are effective against lightsabers because of the way their alchemically altered metal refracts the lightsaber's energy. Sith swords retain their hardness against attacks from lightsabers, instead of having it reduced to 0 as with ordinary weapons. (See the Lightsabers and Hardness sidebar on page 117 of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.) Sith swords do not require power packs or energy cells.

Era Notes: During the Golden Age of the Sith, these weapons were only available in areas of space controlled by the Sith. After this time, they become available in the rest of the galaxy as rarely seen relics of a dead civilization.

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