Sith Sorcery Feat

Sith Sorcery
You have the ability to channel the spirits of deceased Sith lords, using their power to supplement your own-but at the risk of becoming their puppet.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Sense, Force level 3rd+, 6+ Dark Side Points

Benefit: You may use this feat to gain a bonus on attacks, saves, and dark side skills checks for the next minute. You gain a +1 competence bonus for every three Force levels you have attained. This feat costs you 4 vitality points to use and requires a move action to activate.

Special: Whenever you use this ability, in addition to gaining a Dark Side Point, you open yourself to possession by the Sith spirits you have summoned. At the end of the power’s duration, you must immediately attempt a Will saving throw (DC 10 + the bonus gained). You cannot activate this ability again before you have resolved this save.

If the save is succeeds, there is no side effects. If the save fails, however, a dark side spirit possesses you.

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