Sith Lanuarok

The Sith lanvarok is a short-range weapon worn on the forearm and designed to hurl a flurry of thin but solid disks in an unpredictable "spray" pattern. Though the weapon is time-consuming to reload, the surprise factor of a sudden hail of whirling projectiles often leaves an opponent completely unprepared for the Sith's follow-up attack. Coupled with the Sith's ability to wield the Force to guide the disks to their target, the lanvarok is an extremely effective weapon.

Because of the way the disks fan out upon being launched, the lanvarok gains a +1 equipment bonus on attacks made at 10 meters or less. A Force-user with the Alter feat can extend this bonus to the weapon's full range. Reloading the lanvarok requires a full-round action. The weapon is specifically designed for either the right or left forearm. Any given lanvarok is not interchangeable from right to left. According to Sith legend, the lanvarok was developed by the ancient Sith as a hunting weapon. Details of its construction can be found in Sith holocrons. The mutated Massassi of Yavin 4 used a more primitive version of this weapon, a two-handed polearm that required brute strength rather than mechanical action or the Force to launch the disks. After its disks are launched, the polearm itself could be used as a slashing weapon.

Era Notes: After the rise of Darth Bane and the New Sith, the lanvarok falls out of use and becomes harder and harder to find. Examples remaining from ancient times are usually sold as collector's items, although a rare Sith holocron could provide schematics for initiates devoted enough to build one.

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