Sith Holocron

A holocron is an extremely rare, crystalline storage device that serves as a repository of information. Embedded within the crystal, primitive polotechnology allows the device to display moving images of the data stored within it, usually in the form of teachers who contributed their knowledge to the creation of the device. The interactive technology enables the "teacher" to hold conversations with the holocron's user. Only a Force-user can activate a holocron, but once it is activated, anyone can communicate with the teacher.

The construction of holocrons is a lost technology, forgotten by the time Darth Bane came to power. The only existing holocrons are centuries or even millennia old. Jedi holocrons tend to be crystalline cubes, while Sith holocrons are pyramidal.

The information stored on Sith holocrons includes data and schematics for Sith weapons, armor, droids, vehicles, and starships. Using this information grants the holocron user a +2 competence bonus on related Knowledge checks, or on Craft checks to create any of these items. The storage medium allows for massive amounts of data; the user can consult the same holocron to build a suit of armor or a Sith battleship.

Each Sith holocron is imprinted with the personalities of multiple ancient Sith. These simulacra try to corrupt otherwise innocent beings who access their knowledge. They can only exert verbal influence, of course, but this still gives them
plenty of opportunities to mislead their "students," drawing them down the path to the dark side. These personalities often withhold information until they deem the "student" is sufficiently steeped in the ways of the dark side. The GM should require a Knowledge (Sith lore) check (DC 20) to access most of the data. The character using the Sith holocron should receive a bonus on his check equal to his current number of Dark Side Points; the more a character experiences the power of the dark side, the more he understands which questions to ask.

Remember that cconsulting a Sith holocron is not

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