Shady Merchant Feat

You know someone who buys stolen merchandise, a “fence” who specializes in reselling merchandise of dubious origin. He might be an otherwise legitimate businessman, a smuggler, a crime broker, or even a minor crime lord. Of course, selling stolen merchandise to a fence means that you sacrifice some of the merchandise’s total value in exchange for unloading the goods quickly-which can be crucial if the authorities are actively looking for them and you don’t want any incriminating evidence (such as stolen property) lying around.

Benefit: A fence can take delivery of stolen merchandise within 2d4 hours, plus 1d4 hours per 5,000 credits worth of the merchandise’s total value. (Delivering 25,000 credits worth of stolen weapons to a fence requires 6d4 hours before the fence is ready to accept it.) The fence pays 30% of the merchandise’s value, but with a Diplomacy check (to which the scoundrel’s illicit barter ability applies), the fence agrees to pay more, as follows:

Diplomacy Check Result Fence Pays
5-9 35%
10-14 40%
15-19 45%
20-24 50%
25-29 55%
30-34 60%
35-39 65%
40+ 70%

Normal: Without this feat, finding someone to buy stolen goods requires a Gather Information check (usually DC 20 for “restricted” information), with no guarantee that the sale isn’t a trap.

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