Sense Feat

You can sense the Force that binds and connects all things.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Force level 1st

Benefit: You may learn Sense-based Force skills. Once this feat is selected, Sense-based Force skills are considered to be class skills for you.

With this feat, you can use the following skills untrained: Enhance Senses, Fear, See Force, and Telepathy

Sense Force: A character with this feat sometimes receives vague impressions of the Force. The character might feel uneasy due to an unseen situation or sense the presence of powerful emanations of the dark side. For example, a character might feel a sense of cold from a place that is strong in the dark side of the Force, or he might experience foreboding when an entire planet is destroyed and all the life forms on it are extinguished. If two characters with this feat have a close relationship (they are siblings, lovers, or lifelong friends, for example), one of them can sense if the other one is injured or in distress. These sensations are not felt through conscious effort: the GM provides the impressions when appropriate.

Sense Surroundings: Any character with the Sense feat can extend his senses through the Force to gain an awareness of his surroundings. Such awareness allows the character to fight and make skill checks (including Listen and Spot checks) without taking any penalties for darkness or a lack of line of sight. This ability does not duplicate the Enhance Senses skill, but rather allows a character to perceive normally through the Force instead of through normal sense, thus compensating for blindness or deafness.

Activating this awareness requires a movement action. Using it costs 2 vitality points, and the ability compensates for only one sense at a time. If a Force-User wishes to use this ability to overcome both blindness and deafness in the same round, for example, he would need to spend 4 vitality points and one movement action to do so.

Normal: Without this feat, you can’t learn Sense-based skills.

Special: A character from any of the Force-using classes can select this feat for free with the Force training class feature, or a Force-user can select this feat earlier at the expense of some other feat. If Sense is selected earlier, then no bonus feat is gained when the character reaches the level at which Force training would provide Sense for free.

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