Search Skill

Search (Int)
You can make a detailed examination of a specific area, looking for lost items, hidden compartments, and traps, or to discern other details that aren’t readily apparent at a casual glance. The Search skill lets a character detect some small details or irregularity through active effort, whereas the Spot skill lets you notice something with a quick scan.

Check: You generally must be within 4 meters of the object or surface to be examined. You can examine up to a 2-meter-by-2-meter area or a volume of goods 2 meters on a side with a single check.

DC Task
10 Ransack an area to find a certain item
20 Notice a typical secret compartment, a simple trap, or an obscure clue
25+ Find a complex or well-hidden secret compartment or trap; notice an extremely obscure clue

Special: You can take 10 when making a Search check. You can take 20, but it takes 2 minutes to do so.

A character with the Sharp-Eyed feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Search checks.

Time: A Search check is a full-round action.

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