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Repair (Int)
Trained Only
You can repair damaged machinery or electronic devices.

Check: Most Repair checks are made to fix complex electronic or computerized devices, such as vehicles, droids, or computer systems. The DC is set by the GM, using the guidelines suggested below. Making repairs also involves paying a monetary cost, as shown on the table below.

Task DC Cost
Simple Repair (Tools, Simple Weapon) 10 1/5 price
Moderate Repair (High-Tech Weapon, Mechanical or Electronic Component) 15 1/5 price
Complex (Lightsaber, Droid, Vehicle, Computer) 20 1/5 price
Very Complex (Starship Component) 25 1/10 price

If you don’t have the proper tools for a Repair check, you have a -5 penalty on the check. Also, working with alien or unfamiliar technology increases the DC by 5.

Jury-Rig: You can choose to attempt jury-rigged, or temporary, repairs. Doing this reduces the DC by 5 and allows you to make the check in as little as a full-round action. However, a jury-rig repair can only fix a single problem with a check, and the temporary repair only lasts until the end of the current scene or encounter. This application of the Repair skill can be used untrained, and the bonus provide by the Gearhead feat applies to untrained jury-rig attempts.

Quick Shield Repairs: The Repair skill can be used in combat to fix part of a ship’s burned-out shield generators, restoring a fraction of the ship’s shield points. The percentage of shield points that can be restored depends on the difficulty of the repairs attempted, as given in the table below. Normally, making a Repair check to restore shields requires 1 minute of work, but this time cam be reduced to a single round by adding 5 to the given DC. It is possible to make multiple Repair checks to restore shield points during combat, but each additional attempt adds 5 to the DC of the Repair check.

Repair DC* Maximum Shield Points Restored
10 10%
15 20%
20 25%
*Reduce the DC by 5 if the ship is equipped with backup shield generators

If the ship is a fighter with an astromech droid, the droid can attempt the Repair check. If it is a ship with a crew defined by a crew rating, use the rules for determining crew skill ranks to calculate the best Repair check available for such efforts.

For example, suppose a Y-Wing with a typical R2 unit has take 37 points of damage to its shields. While it’s still being fired upon, the R2 unit decides to attempt to restore some shield points. It wants to get 10% of the shield points restored (DC 10) and make the Repair check in 1 round (+5 DC). The R2 has a Repair bonus of +7, meaning it needs to roll an 8 or higher to be the DC of 15. If it succeeds, the Y-Wing gets 5 shield points back. If the R2 makes another attempt to do the same thing later in the same combat episode, the DC rises to 20.

For more on repairing starships see Starship Repairs and Modifications.

Retry: There is no restrictions on repeated Repair checks. In some specific cases, the GM may decide that a failed repair check has negative ramifications that prevent repeated checks.

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 on a Repair check. When making a Repair check to accomplish a jury-rig repair, you can’t take 20.

A character with the Gearhead feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus on all Repair checks.

A character with the Technical Wizard feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus on all Repair checks.

Time: Simple repairs take a few minutes to accomplish. Complex repairs can take hours or even days. You can make a jury-rig repair as a full-round action, but the work only lasts until the end of the scene.

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