Plot Synopsis

19 BBY

0 Days after Purge

Tau Lan, Aldren, and Rrofful arrive on the smuggling world of Nar Shaddaa, on a mission to destroy a CIS weapons cache. After successfully making contact with the Togruta captain Saree Ka, and her droid companion HK-47, the group mounted a successful assault on the warehouse. All battle droids were neutralized and the Jedi Padawans finished their mission injured, but alive. They then reestablished contact with their master, Master Luna Ordo, who informed the group of the Jedi Purge. After receiving a message on her comlink, she paid for passage aboard the Cryptic Dragon, Saree Ka's ship, to an unknown location.

The Group arrived at the long forgotten world of Dantooine. After walking for a short distance, the party entered the hidden sanctum of a mysterious group of force users. The party met with the masters of the Grey Jedi Order, and they were asked to stay in the guest rooms while things settled down.

1 Week AP: The First Trial

The group was brought before the Grey Jedi Council, and learned that the Grey Jedi were the Order of the Hidden Flame, a group of former Revanites who went into hiding after their near destruction following Revan's return. The party was given the choice to leave, or stay and attempt to overthrow the Empire. The group agreed to join the Order of the Hidden Flame.

Tau Lan and Aldren were given their first task: acquire kyber crystals to make newlLightsabers. Leaving the compound, the pair headed towards the crystal cave, discovering ancient ruins and a meditation grove on the way. After defeating the Kath Hounds in the area, the two meditated then went into the Force sensitive cave. As they ventured down they found various places of meditation for the Grey Jedi, the most powerful being a large statue of Revan in one of the larger caverns. They found two chambers filled with kyber crystals and obtained their new crystals.

While exploring the cave, the Jedi heard a large cave-in. When they went to investigate they found a hidden shrine containing Revan's first lightsaber and the original Mask of Mandalore. Their investigation was interrupted by Grey Jedi Master Satine Shan, who revealed the artifacts' identities and that multiple members of the Hidden Flame were descendants of the original crew of the Ebon Hawk, including Master Luna Ordo. Upon leaving the cave, Aldren and Tau were confronted by Master Shan and Master Ordo, whom politely but firmly asked if they could keep the shrine and their ancestry a secret from the other Grey Jedi. After agreeing, the four Jedi returned to the enclave.

3 Weeks AP: Extraction on Mandalore

After spending time crafting their new lightsabers, the group was called before the Council to begin their first off-world mission. They were tasked with removing Regent Bo-Katan Kryze of Mandalore from power, allowing the Empire to gain complete control of Mandalore and bring the civil war to a close. The group was guided by the Togruta Liz Mada to the rest of her group, the Marshland Nexu, whom were undercover in the Mandalorian capital of Sundari.

Once in Sundari, they were ordered to retrieve a shipment of illegal weaponry and deliver it to resistance fighters. While obtaining the shipment from the docks, they were ambushed by clones. After a quick fight, they retrieved the weapons and delivered them to the resistance fighters lead by Korkie Kryze, Bo-Katan and former Duchess Satine's nephew.

Later that night, Liz Mada of the Marshland Nexu approached Aldren, Tau, and Saree. One of her teammates, former Jedi Padawan Luke Marshblaze, had gone missing while out on patrol. The group followed his designated patrol pattern, finding small Grey Jedi ports around the city where Luke would submit his report on the area. After exploring the city, the three discovered that the ambush at the shipping docks wasn't intend for them but in fact the Jedi Padawan. The group learned that Luke had been captured and was being held at they Royal Prison. Using borrowed Mandalorian armor and well placed Force powers, the trio was able to save the wayward Jedi and return him to the Marshland Nexu's hideout. Once there, Tau Lan advised Luke to flee the planet and return to the enclave on Dantooine. Luke bowed and left the hideout in Mandalorian armor.

Unknown to the Krayt Dragons and Marshland Nexu, the Imperial soldiers within the prison had already alerted the newly formed Inquisitorius of the Jedi. Unfortunately for the guard reporting the padawan's escape, the Inquisitor was not in a forgiving mood and swiftly killed him, and then ordered the Imperial forces to begin their attack on the Royal Palace. The Krayt Dragons were called on to begin their mission to extract Bo-Katan from the palace during the fighting. They made it to the throne room where they found the regent with her personal guard, and they were able to convince her to leave the capital after Luke Marshblaze revealed himself as one of her guardsmen. The Mandalorians escaped using jetpacks while the party made their way back through the palace. Upon exiting, they found themselves face-to-face with an Inquisitor. After a long battle, they defeated him and before they could question him he decapitated himself on Tau Lan's lightsaber. They regrouped with the Mandalorians at the space docks where clones had them pinned down, and after defeating the clones, they departed Mandalore.

The Marshland Nexu retreated to Mandalore while the Krayt Dragons escorted Bo-Katan to Concord Dawn. Once reunited with the rest of her clan Bo-Katan thanked them for saving her, realizing that it was for the greater good that she was no longer in power. In the camp, the party also met Benni Kryze, Bo-Katan's 18 year old niece. The Jedi realized that not only was she Force sensitive, but she was also the daughter of famed Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Upon returning to Dantooine, the party learned that Barnes Tr'eh and Nicholas Gold were killed during the attack, and Luke Marshblaze was severely injured. Though Master Mathys Windstryder wanted to question them further about their battle with the Inquisitor and the possible secret order of Sith being formed by Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, Master Luna Ordo stopped him, saying that the party had earned some much needed rest. Before they left, Lucas Aluben gifted them R2-B2, AKA Ruby, Nicholas Gold's astromech droid.

6 Weeks AP: A Family Matter

After training with their master for a time, the party received a message from Bo-Katan Kryze. Benni, she said, had been experiences strange nightmares about a desert and had gone missing, along with two other soldiers who were sent after her. The party traveled to Tatooine to find the wayward Mandalorian, and because of Aldren's study of Mandalorian culture, they were able to find the lost soldiers. They informed the party that Benni had been captured by Tusken Raiders a week prior. Using the translator in his lightsaber and skills at diplomacy, Aldren was able to go into the village and bargain for Benni's freedom. The Tusken Raider chieftain asked that they clear out a krayt dragon that had taken over a sacred sit, so. Rrofful and Saree Ka placed charges and lured the dragon out. They killed the dragon, claiming multiple dragon pearls from the creature. Aldren returned to the village and presented a pearl to the chieftain, who thanked him for not only clearing their sacred site but also being willing to negotiate for her freedom, instead of slaughtering the entire village like another had done many years ago.

With Benni's freedom secured, as they returned to the ship they felt the unmistakable pull of the Dark Side. They discovered an ancient research center buried deep in the Jundland Wastes. In exploring it, they discovered that the site had been overrun by Dark Side Spirits…

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