Persistent Personality Feat

Even when your memory is completely wiped, your personality rebuilds itself from the fragmented data.

Prerequisite: 1 Level in a Heroic Class or Prestiege Class, Iron Will

Benefit: After undergoing a memory wipe, you can attempt a Charisma check each day to reassert your personality and regain your lost levels. The DC for this check is equal to 10 + you current chracter level (after the memory wipe). You can attempt this check once per day, and each success restores one lost level.

For example, if you were an astromech droid who had been reduced to his factory settings (Expert 4), but you were previously an Expert 4/Scout 3/Tech Specialist 4, your first Charisma check DC would be 14. If you succeed, you regain one level of either scout or tech specialist (your choice). The following day you could make another check (DC 15) to regain another level, and so on, until you have regained all seven lost levels.

Normal: A droid that undergoes a memory wipe must regain lost levels by gaining experience and advancing levels, or by reinstalling the droid's personality from a stored computer backup.

Special: Only droids may take this feat.

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