Order Of The Hidden Flame

The Order of the Hidden Flame, aka the Grey Jedi, was founded by Tari Darkspanner as the Order of Revan in the decades before the Jedi-Sith Cold War. The Order devoted itself to Revan’s teachings and those of his followers, preserving knowledge and relying on both sides of the Force. In 3638 BBY, Revan returned and took control of the Order of Revan. After failure to destroy the Sith Emperor Vitiate and almost being destroyed by the joint forces of the Sith Empire and Old Republic, the Order practically disappeared. They reorganized as the Order of the Hidden Flame and have remained underground ever since.

They live under the main school of thought of being unmoving in the middle of the Force and maintaining the balance of the universe, whatever that entails. The Grey Jedi have agents in every major government and system, constantly vigilant of fluctuations in the Force, a call back to their Revanite roots. They preserve knowledge at all cost, no matter the source. Their archives contain information dating further back than their creation and in greater detail than any other archive in the galaxy, including the Jedi Temple on Ossuss. The archives include galactic and personal holorecordings, most notably: a completely copy of the Sith Telos holocron, the Jedi Great Holocron, and their most prized holocron, the complete collection of Revan and his followers. Access to the archives is restricted to masters and those accompanied by masters. Because of the completeness of the archives, the masters are concerned that the knowledge may cause apprentices and those not ready for the knowledge to be corrupted.

Grey Jedi don’t favor a certain lightsaber style or color like the Sith and Jedi, and most have kept their lightsabers from their former or undercover lives. Their robes are grey or black and white in color, and look like traditional Jedi robes with a symbol of their order either on their clothing or as a piece of jewelry. Not all of their members are Force Sensitive, and some have even been sentient droids. After the almost annihilation of their order, they have kept their numbers to a minimum with their highest count since the event 100 members. There are only two Hidden Flame temples in the galaxy: the ancient Jedi Academy on Dantooine, and the Temple of the Ancients on Lehon (Rakata Prime). They have a few secret safe houses on key worlds.

The current order has 50 members of various races and Force adeptness. They are led by Master Cycle Loaxas, and his apprentices Masters Mathys and Carolina Windstryder. Some of their members are descendants of the original followers of Revan, including the Shan twins, Master Luna Ordo, Sara Onasi, Zellabuzzarr, and Master Meetra Kirus. Members are organized into groups of 5 or 6 who work well together, and most have history with each other before joining the order. Groups usually have one or two masters in charge, and contain both Force sensitive beings and non-Force sensitive beings. Occasionally groups are broken up and a Grey Jedi will go on a solo mission, though it’s more common that a group will infiltrate the same government or organization together.


Marshland Nexu:

  • Lucas Aluben (leader) - Mandalorian soldier
  • Liz Mada - Togruta soldier
  • Sa'am Mercier - Twi'lek assassin
  • Nicolas Gold - Mandalorian tech specialist
  • Barnes Tr'eh - Cathar spy killed on Mandalore
  • Luke Marshblaze - Human Jedi Consular

Ebony Wing:

  • Satine Shan - Human Jedi Guardian
  • Benjamin Shan - Human Jedi Guardian
  • Sara Onasi - Human Soldier
  • Meetra Kirus - Human Jedi Consular
  • Zellabuzzarr - Wookiee scoundrel

Broken Kinrath:

  • Aurthur Guojian - Devaronian soldier
  • Jjarllrorr - Wookiee soldier
  • Koa Potnoodles - Bothan tech specialist
  • Thrid Autcortana - Lannik scoundrel
  • Yag X'es - Candra-fan spy

Red Destiny:

  • Lucas George - Human Jedi Guardian killed in Order 66
  • Luna Ordo - Human Jedi Sentinel
  • Sac'ul Eg'roeg - Kel Dor Jedi Consular killed in Order 66
  • Acis Sej - Twi'lek Jedi Consular killed in Order 66
  • Radoma Qua'tr - Ithorian Jedi Guardian killed in Order 66


  • Lasaul Meridium - Human senator
  • Secratus Kiron - Duros senator
  • Nes Oble - Nautolan Jedi Consular
  • Emil Blackstar - Bothan Jedi Guardian
  • Kyle Uno - Human Jedi Guardian

Night Blades:

  • Cycle Loaxas - Human Jedi Sentinel
  • Mathys Windstryder - Human Jedi Consular
  • Carolina Windstryder - Human Jedi Guardian
  • Drahada Xion - Sith Pureblood Jedi Consular

Lost Lieutenants:

  • Callahan Mason - Human scoundrel
  • Emil Verte - Twi'lek tech specialist
  • Carl Chapeau - Human rebel
  • Grae b'Alzar - Ithorian senator
  • Zwei Un - Droid solider

Bloody Laigreks:

  • Afton Road - Quermian tech specialist
  • Emord Blackroad - Dathomerian assassin
  • Gayrd Pride - Togruta soldier
  • Rue Francais - Kel For senator

Kath Hound's Roar:

  • Mark l'Lamih - Human Jedi Consular
  • Jensen Red - Cathar Jedi Consular killed in Order 66
  • Peter Rouge - Nautolan Jedi Guardian killed in Order 66
  • Carrie Juane - Human Jedi Consular killed in Order 66
  • Anotla Roanok - Jedi Guardian killed in Order 66
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