Misc Equipment

Breathing Devices

A99 Aquata Breather
Gandorthral Atmospherics Oxidizer
Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 breath mask
Mon Calamari Organic Gill
VargeCorp Easy Breathing Breath Mask

Communication Devices

BCC MultiNode Communications Link
BCC OmniNode Communications Set
Cirenian Communications Model SW-95 Message Transceiver
Crozo Industrial Products 3-Mal Personal Comlink
Culcanis MicroInstruments Tagger
Fabritech PAC20 Visual Wrist Com
Naboo Technologies Secure-A3 comlink
Plescinia Entertainments CS-Mark 12
SoroSuub C1 personal comlink
SoroSuub Hologram projection pod
SoroSuub Hush-98 Comlink
SoroSuub Imagecaster
Tramora Interstellar Communications VDV-100 Holo Display
Traxes BioElectronics Implant communicator
Ulqib MicroTronics BX-333 Biorecorder
Varge Corp Pocket Scrambler PS-xqt9s
Whappamanga AlienEnhancer VoxBox

Detection Devices

Courier Communications Scanner
ChandrilTech PX-7 Heat Sensor
Cryoncorp EnhanceScan General Purpose Scanner
Dalabar Micro-Electronics SDS-632 Surveillance Detector
Fabritech SE-Vigilant Automated Sensor Beacon
Idellian Arrays ILF-5000 Life Form Scanner
Neuro-Saav 9320/B sensor pack
Neuro-Saav ChemDetect
Neuro-Saav Holorecording Macrobinoculars
Neuro-Saav TeleSonic Audio Pickup
Rhinsome Tracking Corporation SureSnoop
Saldalith Manufacturing Veridicator 200
SuriTech Foodstuffs Ez1 Analyzer
VidGraph Peer macrobinoculars
Ziko 1125 Heads-Up Macrobinoculars

Sensor Jammers and Detection Countermeasures

Audio Performance Inc. No-Show
Audio Performance Inc. Sheer Silence Bubble
Corellidyne CQ-3.9x holographic image disguiser
Fabritech CN-15 Camouflage Netting
MicroThrust ComTech Eavesdrop Protection Unit

Medical Equipment

Athakam II Med Unit
BioTech Industries FastFlesh Medpac
BioTech Industries RFX/K Medisensor
Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company ECM-598 Medical Backpack
Fabreth Medical Biochemical Shock Cloth
Nilar Med/Tech Corporation Field cauterizer
Synthtech Medtech Corporation MDS-50

Security Devices

Ealewon Electronics DCD-4800 Cryptographic Coder
Locris Syndicated Securities MLC-50 Magnolock
Locris Syndicated Securities SC-401 Stun Cuffs/Stun Cuff Remote
Merr-Sonn Binder cuffs
Novaplex Monofilament Screen Guard
TaggeCo MagnaCuffs
Thalassian security collar

Survival Gear

Adventure Hiker & Hunter DuraShelter
Adventure Hiker & Hunter Ration packs
Meredex Atmospherics EMS-90 Bubble Cloak
Mos Espa Coolth Backpack
Saladar Systems PED-21 Distress Beacon
SurvivalGear Water JugFilter

Tools and Other Sundries

Alliwon Electronics Vennoc-x chronometer
BlasTech Blaster Repair Kit
Degan Explorations Syntherope
Greel Wood Logging Corporation TreeFelling vibrosaw
Interstellar Droid Monitoring Inc. Mk-11 Droid Diagnostic
MicroData Pocket Secretary

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