Merr-Sonn Model G8

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The Merr -Sonn GB is a standard military blaster rifle, though it is not nearly as prevalent as the E· 11. It has the benefit of greater range at the expense of both a higher price and a more fragile housing. During the time of the Old Republic, the Mcrr-Sonn Model G8 was extremely popular among the frontier expanses, particularly with local authorities in the regions around the Tion Hegemony and Hutt Space. These owners in turn sold the weapons to the nascent Rebel Alliance, making the GB a common battlefield weapon in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. The Rebels found that a weapon with slightly longer range gave them the drop on stormtroopers in an ambush.

Damage 3d8 Cost 1100
Range Increment 40 m Critical 19-20
Fort DC* 18 Weight 4.5 kg
M/A M Type E
Hardness 4 Size Medium
Availability P/M Break DC 15
  • For Stun Mode
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