This disposable emergency kit includes a variety of life-saving drugs and bacta ointments to promote rapid healing. Any character who has suffered wound damage can benefit from the application of a medpac.

A medpac restores 1d2 lost wound points when applied to a wounded character and activated. This application requires a full-round action and a Treat Injury check (DC 15). A medpac can’t restore more wound points than an injured character has lost.

A mastercraft medpac provides more healing (1d2+1 for a +1 item, 1d2+2 for a +2 item, or 1d2+3 for a +3 item).

A character can only benefit from the use of a medpac once every 24 hours. Using a medpac depletes its contents.

Item Cost Weight (kg)
Medpac 100 1
Medpac, Mastercraft +1 200 1.2
Medpac, Mastercraft +2 300 1.4
Medpac, Mastercraft +3 400 1.6
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