Mastercraft Items

All weapons and armor, and certain other types of equipment, can be constructed as mastercraft items. The exceptional quality of these items provides a bonus to the user, ranging from +1 to +3. The bonus is applied to the damage dealt by a weapon, the damage reduction of a set of armor, or some other characteristic as given in the item’s description.

Mastercraft items with a +1 bonus can be purchased on the open market for twice the cost of an ordinary item of the same type. Items that provide a +2 or +3 bonus are not common by any means and are generally not for sale. If a +2 item could be found available for purchase, it would be priced at twice the cost of a +1 item (or higher). Likewise, the cost of a +3 item would be at least twice the cost of a +2 item.

A tech specialist with the appropriate specialty can create a mastercraft item.

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