Martial Programming Feat

You have been programmed to make the most of your physical structure in melee combat.

Benefit: Your unarmed damage is treated as though you are one size category larger than you actually are (see Droid Appendages and Unarmed Damage).

For example, if you are Medium-size, you deal damage as if you are Large.

Also, your threat range for unarmed damage is 19-20.

Your unarmed attacks count as armed, which means that opponents do not get attacks of opportunity when you attack them unarmed. You may make attacks of opportunity against opponents who provoke such attacks.

Normal: Without this feat, a droid deals damage based on the type of appendage it uses and its size. A droid appendage normally threatens a critical hit only on a natural 20.

Special: Only droids with appendages capable of dealing damage may take this feat. This feat is the droid equivalent of Martial Arts.

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