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During the early days of the Neo-Crusader movement, the Rally Masters worked independently. The position was originally earned by impressing Field Marshals, making the position very valuable. Being the closest thing the Mandalorians ever came to officers, they functioned as drill sergeants, commanders and more importantly political officers, spreading the ideals of the Neo-Crusaders amongst the Mandalorian forces. As the Field Marshals increased in numbers, many Rally Masters complained about too much division, as they began to lose their independent command. Rally Masters also oversaw the training of new converts during the Mandalorian Wars, and in training centers on captured worlds they indoctrinated these recruits to the Neo-Crusader way.

Later in the Mandalorian Wars, the position became corrupt and the quality of warriors who held the position declined rapidly. The position became increasingly devalued, and to achieve promotion later on a warrior only needed to know Mando'a and some of the Mandalorian ways.

During the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Republic, long after the demise of the Neo-Crusader movement, the rank of Rally Master was still present among the Mandalorian forces. In that time, the colors signifying the rank had changed from crimson to a dark gold with silver and blue highlights.

Armor Type Power Armor Proficiency Group Powered
Cost 40,000 Damage Reduction 8
Max Dex Bonus +2 Armor Check Penalty -7
Speed 8 m /4 m Weight 60 kg
Availability R Era A

Strength Augmentation: The powered servos give the operator a +6 equipment bonus to Strength. If the operator does not have the Armor Proficiency (powered) feat, not only does this bonus not apply, but the operator suffers a -6 penalty to Strength and Dexterity while in the suit.

Life Support: The suit provides full life support for 8 hours, with an internal air supply and protection against the most extreme environments, including deep space.

Computerized Targeting: The suit has mounts to carry 1 ranged ship weapon of emplacement cost 6 or lower as built-in parts of the armor. This weapon receive a +2 equipment bonus on all attack rolls. Additional weapons may be carried and used by the suit's wearer, but are not attached to the computer targeting system and do not gain the attack bonus.

Repulsorlift: The Armor is equipped with a repulsorlift, giving it the ability to fly at a speed of 10 meters with poor maneuverability. The repulsorlift has an operational altitude of low (about 1,000 meters), though in a zero-g environment, maneuvering thrusters take over and allow flight capability.

Sensors: The suit grants its operator low-light vision and darkvision out to 20 meters and provides the benefit of a pair of electrobinoculars, reducing the wearer's penalty on Spot checks to -1 for every 20 meters.

Medpec: The suit includes all the needed chemicals and materials to act as an onboard medpac for its wearer. The medpac can be triggered by the suit's operator as a move action or attack action, and it activates automatically if the operator falls unconscious as a result of injury. The medpac device is a one-shot function, and the materials used must be replaced after use (cost 200).

Comllnk: The armor's built-in comlink has a range of 50 kilometers and can send and receive encrypted messages.

Ejection System: The suit's ejection system blows the suit apart and sends the operator up to 10 meters in a direction of his choice. Using the ejection system damages the armor, making it useless until it receives extensive repairs (cost 30,000 credits if performed at a shop, or 10,000 credits in materials and a Repair check DC 35 if owner attempts repair). Triggering the ejection system is a move action or attack action.

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