Lightstealth-18 Reconnaissance Craft

A carbon-black, six-passenger craft with a needle-like body and, disproportionate, down sloping stabilizers, the LightStealth-18 Reconnaissance Ship (LSR for short) was the closest anyone had come to producing a starship capable of hiding itself even while it was scanning.

Unlike most ships designed by Raith Sienar during the days of the Galactic Empire, the LSR was not cloaked, but was instead built for silent running and incredible speed. With an abundance low-profile rectannae and packed with signal augmented sensor jammers, blindband hypercom transmitters, crystal gravfield traps, and a power core more suitable to a ship of the line, the LSR could all but see the universe to its own aft and could outrun nearly anything that could locate it. It has a class 1 hyper drive. It had a forward mounted laser cannon for defense.

Though the LightStealth-18 Reconnaissance ship was designed by Raith Sienar it was oddly produced for the most part by Kuat Drive Yards.

Craft LightStealth-18 Recon Class Starfighter
Cost Not Available for Sale Size Tiny (18.2 m long)
Initiative +10 (+2 size, +8 crew) Crew 2 (Expert + 8)
Passengers 4 (Intel Specialists) Cargo Capacity 500 kilograms
Consumables 2 Months Hyperdrive x1
Maximum Speed Ramming Maneuvers +12 (+2 size, +8 crew)
Defense 22 (+2 size, +10 armor) Shield Points 30
Hull Points 60 DR 10

Laser Cannon; Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +11 (+2 size, +8 crew, +1 fire control); Damage: 3d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S +0, M/L n/a

Notes: The following equipment aboard this ship carries with it certain extra effects:

Sensor Baffling: +5 to opposing Computer Use DC to detect ship using sensors.
Sensor Mask: +5 to opposing Computer Use DC to difficulty to detect and identify ship
Comm Jammer: Jams enemy ship's communications for up to 10 rounds; target makes an opposed Computer Use roll
Sensor Jammer: Jams enemy ship's sensors; +3 to opposing Computer Use DC to identify vessel if detected
Crystal Gravfield Trap Receptor: +5 equipment bonus to Computer Use check to identify large masses hidden to all other sensors; useful for cloaked ships; inconclusive near planets or other gravity wells
Blind-Band Hypercomm Transciever: +5 to opposing Computer Use DC to detect communications signals from the ship

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