Lake Krul Site

During the time period that culminated in the Battle of Ruusan, a particularly evil dark side marauder named Kaox Krul roamed the galaxy. One of the strongest warriors to serve Sith Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness, Krul died in one of the skirmishes that led up to the battle between the forces of light and darkness. On a small, uninhabited world in the Mid Rim, Krul met a Jedi Knight and her Padawan learner in fierce combat. The Jedi crashlanded on the planet after a wild battle and chase through the star system. Krul followed them to the surface and hunted the Jedi for two days before finally cornering them on the shore of a beautiful lake.

Beside the quiet lake, under the glow of two small moons, the dark side marauder and the Jedi engaged in a life-or-death dance of violence. The Padawan fell first, brought down by Krul's flashing lightsaber. The Jedi Knight, grief-stricken by the death of her student, doubled her efforts. The clash between marauder and knight lasted until the first bright rays of dawn broke over the horizon. Jedi and marauder seemed to be too evenly matched. Tired, bruised, battered, and cut, the two continued to fight as the daytime sky filled with the dark clouds of a gathering storm. Rain began to splatter around the combatants, and as the fight went on, both marauder and Jedi began to give in to their anger and hatred of one another.

They both called upon the dark side.

With invigorating dark side power coursing through both of them, the struggle became even more devastating. Thunder boomed around them with each punch and kick and lightsaber parry. Lightning danced over the surface of the lake and lanced into the ground around the warriors. The Jedi slashed. The marauder dodged and whirled. Thunder pealed. Lightsaber blades cracked and sparkled and bounced off each other again and again. And the sky opened wide and unleashed a deluge of stinging rain.

Krul, hoping to buy a moment of rest, wrapped himself in the Force and hovered over the center of the lake. The Jedi Knight, refusing to let the marauder escape, followed suit. They hurled their anger at each other through the Force as they met in the air above the churning waters of the lake. The storm intensified, as if spurred on by the combatants' fierce emotions. Krul's lightsaber struck high, the Jedi's weapon thrust low, and a wave of lightning washed over the two of them as each killing blow landed. Wrapped in the dark side of the Force, filled with anger and hatred, marauder and Jedi died in that moment, their ravaged bodies falling into the roiling water and sinking below the windswept waves.

In that moment, the lake changed. The trees and grass and bushes around it became twisted and dark. The surface of the water, once clear and bright, became muddy and dank and took on a sickly appearance. And so a dark side site was born.

Using Lake Krul in Your Campaign

Lake Krul can be placed on any uninhabited or sparsely inhabited planet in the Mid Rim of the galaxy. The lake, about one kilometer in circumference and surrounded by dark, twisted vegetation, appears to be constantly shrouded in shadows. A dank wind constantly blows through the small forest, making the shadows dance and giving the place an unnatural kind of movement. As soon as anyone steps within the ring of twisted trees, which circles the lake for about half a kilometer in all directions, the effects of the dark side site can be felt.

The lake itself has a stagnant, dead look to it. The muddy, debris-strewn surface looks more like a swamp than a lake. Nothing natural lives within the lake or the forest, though occasionally a dark side mutant of some sort might be spotted. Legends claim that on stormy nights visitors might hear the hum and crack of lightsabers as two spectral beings battle over the center of the lake. Others claim that you might meet the dark side spirit of Kaox Krul, dripping with the vile waters of the lake and still appearing to be wrapped in dark padded battle armor. A hole burned through his gut shows where the death blow hit him.

This site makes a great meeting place for a Darksiaer and his band of thugs or pirates. It can also serve as a place of historical interest to a Jedi looking for information on the Sith or the ancient Jedi. Indeed, if the rumors are true, dark padded battle armor and a pair of lightsabers might be found somewhere within the dark depths of the tepid lake.

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