Knight Speed Feat

Knight Speed
The Force allows you to move extremely fast for a brief period of time.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Control, Burst of Speed, Jedi level 7th

Benefit: You may increase your base speed to 20 times normal for 1 round. This increase has the side effect of multiplying your jump distance by 10 during this time period. Using this feat requires a free action and an expenditure of 8 vitality points.

Knight Celerity: Instead of the normal benefits of Knight Speed, you can instead activate this feat and gain the benefits of celerity (as in Burst of Speed) as well as an additional attack at your highest attack bonus when using the full attack action.

For example, a Jedi wielding a double-bladed lightsaber at +9/+9/+4 melee would gain an additional attack at +9. The vitality cost is the same as that for normal use of this feat.

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