K Thri Feat

K'thri is a special martial arts style that dates back to the days of the Old Republic, but has survived into the New Jedi Order era. The style gained popularity in many parts of the Galactic Republic as a type of sport. Professional athletes competed to see who had the greatest mastery over the style, with some competitors garnering great wealth and fame from their success. The style is somewhat flashier than others, since its practitioners were often entertainers as much as martial artists. The K'thri style focuses on speed and rapid, fluid attacks, with wide sweeping motions accompanying quick jabs and a good deal of fancy footwork.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts

Benefit: When unarmored and fighting unarmed, you may strike with one extra attack at the expense of accuracy. When doing so, you may make one extra attack in a round at your highest base attack, but this attack and each other attack made that round suffer a -2 penalty.

For example, a 4th-level soldier has a single attack at a base attack bonus of +4. Using the K'thri feat, the soldier would have tow attacks, at +2 and +2 respectively.

The -2 penalty applies for 1 round, so it affects attacks of opportunity made before your next action. You must use the full-attack action to strike with the K'thri feat.

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