K Tara Feat

K'tara is a martial arts style often practiced by Special Forces units in order to maximize damage to an opponent while minimizing the amoutn of noise made by the attack. K'tara focuses on short, quick motions. Most maneuvers begin from the set position and move within a small rectangle framed by the target's shoulders and hips. A soldier using K'tara style can quietly disarm an opponent within a single round of combat, attracting little attention. This martial arts style emphasizes stealth.

Prerequisite: Martial Arts

Benefit: If you successfully hit a flat-footed opponent with an unarmed attack, the opponent is unable to speak or make any kind of noise with his vocal cords for 2d4 rounds; this includes shouting warnings or raising alarms. A successful Fortitude save (DC 15) reduces the number of rounds the victim is unable to speak by half (round down). Creatures immune to critical hits and creatures without vocal cords (such as droids) cannot be affected.

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