Jump Skill

Jump (Str)
Armor Check Penalty
Use this skill to leap over pits, vault low fences, or reach a tree’s lowest branches.

Check: You jump a minimum distance plus an additional distance depending on the amount by which your Jump check result exceeds 10. The maximum distance of any jum is a function of your height.

The distance given on the table below are for characters with speeds of 10 meters. If you have a lower speed (because of armor, encumbrance, or weight carried, for instance), reduce the distance jumped proportionally.

Type of Jump Minimum Distance Additional Distance Maximum Distance
Running Jump* 2 m +1/3 m per 1 point above 10 Height x 6
Standing Jump 1 m +1/3 m per 2 points above 10 Height x 2
Running High Jump 1 m +1/3 m per 4 points above 10 Height x 1.5
Standing High Jump 1 m +1/3 m per 8 points above 10 Height
Jump Back 1/3 m +1/3 m per 8 points above 10 Height

*You must move 6 meters before jumping. A character can’t take a running jump in heavy armor.

Distance moved by jumping is counted against maximum movement in a round normally.

If you intentionally jump down from a height, you might take less damage than if you just fall. If you succeed at a Jump check (DC 15), you take damage as if you had fallen 4 meters less than you actually did.

A character who wishes to land on a specific spot requires a Dexterity check. Success means that the character lands where he planned; failure means he landed in the same square, but not precisely where he intended. The DC should be based on how large or small an object it is, though never lower than 10 (since that's the DC of hitting a square). Something half the size of a square should be about DC 15; something half that size should be about DC 20. If the target is moving at the time, the DC should increase by at least +5.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Jump check. If there is no danger associated with failing, you can take 20.

For example, you are free to take 20 to keep trying until you jump high enough to catch a low-hanging branch. You can’t take 20 when attempting to leap across a gaping access shaft inside the Death Star, since any failure results in a long fall and massive damage to your character.

A character who has the Run feat and makes a running jump increases the distance or height he clears by 25%, but not past the maximum.

A character with the Acrobatic feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Jump checks.

Time: None. A Jump check is included in your movement, so it is a part of a move action. If you run out of movement mid-jump, your next action (either on this turn or, if necessary, on your next turn) must be a move action to complete the jump.

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