Jedi Petitioner Feat

Jedi Petitioner
You have connections within the Jedi Order and have enough pull to gain an audience with the Jedi Council. You can gain this audience on fairly short notice.
Prerequisite: Antarian Ranger Sympathy +5.
Benefit: Provided you have access to appropriate communication channels (a subspace transceiver, for example) and adequate transportation to Coruscant, you can reach the Jedi Temple and request an audience, which will be granted in 1d10 x 5 hours of making the request.
Being granted an audience with the Jedi Council does not automatically guarantee that any requests made of them will be granted. While the Jedi can provide resources, support, and even occasional direct help, the Council rarely grants any more assistance to a non-Jedi than it would a young Padawan.
Normal: Petitioning the Jedi Council can take days or even weeks, and even then, an audience is rarely granted to a non-Jedi.

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