Jedi Knight Tamon Hero

Jedi Knight Tamon has had a rather ordinary past as far as Jedi are concerned. Upon becoming a Jedi Knight he began helping Master Giiett with lightsaber instruction. Upon Master Giiett's death on Yinchorr, Knight Tamon began instructing lightsaber training on his own.

Knight Tamon: Male Human Jedi Guardian 5/Jedi Weapon Master 4; Initiative +3 (+3 Dex); Defense 20 (+7 class, +3 Dex); Speed 10m; VP/WP 83/12; Attack +11/+6 (1d3+1, Unarmed) or +9/+9/+4 (1d3+1, Two-Weapon Fighting Unarmed) or +14/+9 (4d8+1/19-20, Matched Lightsaber) or +12/+12/+7 (4d8+1/19-20, Two-Weapon Fighting Matched Lightsabers) or +12/+12/+7 (4d8+1/19-20, Rapid Strike Matched Lightsaber) or +10/+10/+10/+5 (4d8+1/19-20, Two-Weapon Fighting & Rapid Strike Matched Lightsaber) or +12/+7 ranged; SQ: Block, Deflect (Defense +2, Attack -3), Increased Lightsaber Damage +1d8, Increased Weapon Damage (Lightsaber) +1d8, Jedi Knight, Weapon Mastery [Lightsaber: Rapid Strike]; SV: Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +6; Size Medium; Rep +4; FP 7; Str 13, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8; CR 9
Equipment: Comlink, Jedi Utility Belt, Jedi Robes, Matched Lightsabers*
*Knight Tamon has constructed his own Matched Lightsabers
Skills: Balance +5, Craft (Lightsaber) +6, Entertain (Weapon Drill) +10, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) +9, Pilot +4, Read/Write (Basic), Speak Language (Basic, Lekku (Understand Only), Ryl), Tumble +15
Force Skills: Battlemind +13, Enhance Ability +13, Force Defense +8, Force Strike +10, Heal Self +7, Move Object +5, See Force +5
Feats: Ambidexterity, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber), Weapon Focus (Lightsaber), Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols, Simple Weapons)
Force Feats: Alter, Control, Sense

Knight Tamon’s Matched Lightsabers:
These lightsabers have the following stats when wielded together (using Two-Weapon Fighting):

+2 to all attacks, 2d8 damage, and a threat range of 19-20

When wielded separately they have the following stats:

2d8 damage and a threat range of 19-20

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