Jedi Knight Micah Giiett

Jedi Knight Micah Giiett was a dark-skinned Human with close-cropped black hair during the time of the Old Republic. He is known for the tricks he often uses to teach Padawans about the Force. Over the years as a member of the Jedi Order, Micah eventually gained Jedi Master status and even became a member of the Jedi Council (~44 BBY) alongside his long time friend, Plo Koon. Micah and Plo had become good friends on a number of missions and adventures where both Jedi learned they made a good team, complementing each other well. One such adventure that was not so well known to many outside of the Jedi Order was when Plo accompanied Micah to Ord Mantell to help him rescue an old friend by the name of Slabba Drewl, who had lost a bet to a Hutt and was imprisoned.

The Hutt, known as Corpo the Hutt was galaxy-wide famous for his enormous appetite for gambling and especially food. Corpo had even acquired a top-of-the-line kitchen droid, an MREM-02 that he had programmed with millions of recipes from worlds, cultures, and chefs from across the galaxy. Many of the recipes had come from chefs who felt themselves worthy enough to challenge Moreemohtwo to a cooking battle, but had lost. Knowing Corpo`s lust for food and gambling, Micah planned to play the Hutt against his weaknesses in order that he save his friend. Corpo agreed that if Micah could prepare dishes more tasty than Moreemohtwo, he would release Slabba from his debt.

If Micah lost, he was to join Slabba in his imprisonment. Plo of course could not believe Micah had accepted such a challenge, for their was no way he could out prepare dishes better than Corpo`s droid. However, with the Force on the Jedi’s side, perhaps Micah had a chance. With the theme ingredient wild Denusian squirmers, the battle began. Plo took Micah`s hint, and during the battle, as Corpo and his cronies were enthralled with watching Moreemohtwo`s expertise in the kitchen, he sabotaged the iron chef’s dishes with more unique ingredients such as droid oil, gundar droppings, and Bothan foot powder. When the battle was over, the two combatants presented their dishes: Micah presented a very simple concoction of squirmer stew, and Moreemohtwo presented five dishes of obvious elegance.

However, the fanciness of the dishes appearance said nothing about how they would taste, and as Corpo sampled each dish, he was disgusted by some of the "extra" ingredients added by Plo Koon. Although Micah presented nothing more than squirmer stew, it was still very tasty, tasty enough to beat out Moreemohtwo`s dishes and cause Micah to be declared the winner. Micah, Plo, and Slabba left Ord Mantell with more proof that the Jedi could solve problems without confrontation and violence.

The preference that conflicts be solved without violence was later challenged during the time of the Yinchorri threat (33 BBY). The Yinchorri were recent additions to the Republic, and that addition allowed them to acquire weapons and starships. With these at their disposal, the Yinchorri began launching raids and attacks on systems in the Outer Rim, pillaging from whomever they felt were inferior to them. When the Jedi were asked to intervene in the Yinchorri threat, Senior Jedi Council Member Mace Windu sent a delegation of two Jedi to investigate the attacks. When the mission proved fatal for the two Jedi, it was clear a larger delegation was needed. Micah was chosen to be part of the task force sent to the Yinchorri system to deal with the threat.

With the force split up into three teams, Micah was assigned to the team that would travel to Yibikkoror in the Yinchorri system, along with Plo Koon, Lilit Twoseas, and her Padawan K’Kruhk. Just before the task force was to leave, Micah worked with K’Kruhk and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to teach them the dangers of following their expectations and assumptions using a simple cup and ball game, popular among gamblers in Outer Rim colonies. With the Jedi task force ready and their destinations in hand, they departed in three Republic cruisers. Always one to seize the moment, Micah took the time they spent in hyperspace to give the other Jedi a demonstration on the effects of cortosis ore, and its ability to short out a lightsaber.

When the Jedi exited hyperspace, they came under immediate attack by a small Yinchorri fleet, and in Republic cruisers, had little at their disposal for defense. Weapons were not the only factor the Jedi had to rely on however. Remembering the lesson he learned right before he left, Jedi Knight K’Kruhk came up with the idea to escape the attackers through the use of misdirection. Jettisoning all the escape pods, the Yinchorri turned to attacking those, believing the Jedi had jumped ship. This allowed Micah and his team to continue on to Yibikkoror. Micah and the Jedi’s luck had gone from bad to worse as they crash landed on one of the planet’s great floating cities and into an army of Yinchorri soldiers. Micah and the Jedi only had to bide enough time until they could be rescued by Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her team, who had sent word they found no evidence of the Yinchorri base on Yitheeth and would soon be joining them on Yibikkoror.

Climbing higher and higher up the scaffolding of the floating city, Micah and his team used all the powers available to them to deter the attacking soldiers. Just when it appeared as if they had no more places to retreat to, the Yitheeth team’s cruiser appeared in the sky. Unable to land on the city, Micah and his team severed one of the city’s massive balloons and floated up to the ship. Micah was the last to board the ship, and the attacking warriors made it difficult for Micah to make the final jump to the ship. Micah realized there was only one solution, however drastic it may have been. Releasing the tether attached to the balloon, Micah plummeted through the sky only to be caught in the nick of time by Jedi Master Tsui Choi, who was piloting the craft. Leaving Yibikkoror behind them, the two combined teams then traveled to the planet of Yinchorr to rescue the third team sent there.

Landing on Yinchorr in the middle of a battle between the Yinchorri forces and the third Jedi team, Micah joined Jedi Masters Eeth Koth, Plo Koon, Lilit Twoseas, and Jedi Knight K’Kruhk in charging into battle to rescue the third Jedi team. Fighting with two yellow-bladed lightsabers, Micah fought alongside his fellow Knights cutting through the hoards of Yinchorri soldiers. Soon Micah and the Jedi met Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Qui-Gon Jinn, and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi in the middle of the battlefield. Splitting up again to return to the ship, the two groups took different routes through the valleys to get back to the safety of the ship. Unfortunately the Yinchorri had more than enough soldiers to follow both groups.

As they were making their way back to the ship, Micah and his group became surrounded by Yinchorri and one lucky soldier’s aim was true as he shot Micah from behind. Although the blast did not kill him immediately, Micah knew he was dying. Getting him to safety, Micah told the Jedi to get to the ship as fast as they could; he would distract the Yinchorri, giving them time to get back to the ship. Setting Micah down next to a downed Yinchorri tank, Micah said his goodbyes to the Jedi, especially to his old friend Plo, and he gave him one of his lightsabers to hang in the Jedi Temple. As the Jedi left for the ship and the Yinchorri drew closer, Micah caught their attention when he offered to tell them the most important secret they needed to know about the Jedi. Eager to learn any secret about the Jedi the Yinchorri soldiers drew in closer to listen.

Unfortunately the secret that Micah offered explained that the Jedi were not afraid to die for a worthy cause. With those words and nothing but surprise from the Yinchorri, Micah ignited his remaining lightsaber into the fuel container of the tank, taking out the entire company of Yinchorri soldiers as well as becoming one with the Force. The Jedi were eventually victorious over the Yinchorri, and when they returned to Coruscant celebrated the life of Jedi Master Micah Giiett and mourned his death. As his chair on the Jedi Council sat empty, Micah`s place was eventually replaced by Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi, and although his chair was eventually filled, Micah was remembered among the Jedi for generations.

He was replaced on the Jedi Council by the orthodox Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The best why do describe his philosophy of being a Jedi is in his statement below:

"I'll tell you the most important thing you need to know about the Jedi … we're not afraid to die for a worthy cause."

Master Micah Giiett: Male Human Jedi Guardian 5/Jedi Weapon Master 7/Jedi Master 4; Init +4 (+4 Dex); Defense 26 (+12 class, +4 Dex); Speed 10 m; VP/WP 170/16; Attack: +22/+17/+12/+7 (6d8+5/16-20, Matched Lightsaber) or +22/+22/+17/+17/+12/+7 (6d8+5/16-20, Two-Weapon Fighting Matched Lightsabers) or +20/+20/+20/+15/+15/+10/+5 (6d8+5/16-20, Two-Weapon Fighting & Rapid Strike Matched Lightsabers) or +22 (6d8+5/11-20, Devastating Strike Matched Lightsaber) or +20/+15/+10/+5 ranged; SQ: Block, Deflect (Attack -3, Defense +2, Extended Attack and Defense), Force Secret [Battle Mind +2], Increased Lightsaber Damage +2d8, Increased Weapon Damage [Lightsaber] +2d8, Jedi Knight, Weapon Mastery [Lightsaber: Devastating Strike (16/day), Rapid Strike]; SV: Fort +14, Ref +14, Will +12; Size: M; Force Points 13; Dark Side Points 0; Reputation +8; Str 10, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 15; CR 16
Equipment: Comlink, Matched Lightsabers*, Jedi Robes, Utility Belt
*Master Giiett has constructed his own Matched Lightsabers
Skills: Balance +11, Bluff +7, Craft (Lightsaber) +9, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +4, Jump +2, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) +11, Read/Write (Basic), Search +5, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +12, Speak Language (Basic, Huttese, Kel Dor (Understand Only), Shyriiwook (Understand Only)), Tumble +10
Force Skills: Affect Mind +4, Battlemind +21, Drain Energy +5, Empathy +8, Enhance Ability +21, Farseeing +7, Force Stealth +7, Heal Another +14, Heal Self +14, Move Object +7, Plant Surge +7, See Force +11, Telepathy +11
Feats: Ambidexterity, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Heroic Surge, Improved Critical (Lightsaber), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Sharp-Eyed, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber), Weapon Focus (Lightsaber), Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols, Simple Weapons)
Force Feats: Alter, Attuned, Burst of Speed, Control, Form IV Mastery, Niman Mastery, Sense

Master Micah’s Matched Lightsabers:
These lightsabers have the following stats when wielded together (using Two-Weapon Fighting):

+2 to all attacks, 2d8+1 damage, and a threat range of 17-20

When wielded separately they have the following stats:

2d8+1 damage and a threat range of 17-20

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