Inquisitors Double Bladed Lightsaber

The Sith-invented double-bladed lightsaber maximizes the potential of the weapon and provides an added surprise in battles against Jedi Knights. The double-bladed lightsaber can be ignited from either end or both ends simultaneously. On some models, the handle can be disconnected at the middle to become two separate weapons.

Sith double-bladed lightsabers are impossible to find on the open market. When a Sith constructs a double-bladed lightsaber, he does not do so for profit. The weapon is for his own use, and Sith rarely lose their weapons. The construction process resembles the process for creating a Jedi's lightsaber, but requires plans available from the time of the Old Republic and afterward only in Sith holocrons.

Despite this limitation, a few double-blade lightsabers exist in the galaxy, apparently created by Jedi as experiments. The Jedi Council disapproves of such experiments, though, noting that the only reason to carry such a weapon is to kill more effectively. Jedi who have become lost to the dark side, obviously, care nothing for the concerns of the Jedi Council.

With only one blade ignited, this variety of lightsaber requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber) feat to use without suffering the usual -4 penalty on attacks. With both blades ignited, the double-bladed lightsaber becomes a sort of lightsaber staff. The Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Double-bladed lightsaber) feat is required to wield it. a character with this feat effectively uses it just like a lightsaber, dealing 2d8 damage (plus class and Dex)

To be truly effective as a double weapon-that is, to gain the extra attack for additional damage-the wielder must also possess the Two-Weapon Fighting feat

Circumstances Single Blade Double Blade
Two lightsabers -6 -10
Lightsaber and light weapon or double-bladed lightsaber -4 -8
Double-bladed lightsaber and Ambidexterity feat -4 -4
Double-bladed lightsaber and Two-Weapon Fighting feat -2 -6
Double-bladed lightsaber and Ambidexterity feat and Two-Weapon Fighting feat -2 -2

Inquisitors use a specialized Double Bladed Lightsaber, which features a ringed emitter which can partially detach from the cylindrical handgrip in the center, allowing the twin blades to rotate rapidly without effort from the wielder. This function serves as a way to intimidate opponents, as well as deflect any form of frontal attack.

When used defensively, add +10 dodge bonus to defense from melee attack to the front, and a +5 dodge bonus from melee attacks to the side. Ranged attacks suffer a -2 to attack. This does not stack with Lightsaber Defense.

When used to intimidate, the wielder adds a +4 circumstance bonus to Intimidate.

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