Heliopause Sunest

The Heliopause Sunset is the personal ship of Tau Lan. The base is a standard Louis-class fighter. Over the years, Tau Lan modified the vehicle to better suit her purposes. Mainly this included enhancing the ships stealth suite for use on discreet Missions, as well as integrating BK-88 into the Flight Control and Weapons Suite, as well as a moderate increase to cargo capacity.

The base model features an extruding cockpit to increase pilot visibility, as well as a small internal living area that could house 2 passengers, though not in great comfort.

Base Model comes with Fire Control (+2), and 32 Emplacement points; with 24 in use.

Craft Heliopause Sunest (modified Louis-class fighter) Class Starfighter
Cost 116,000 Size Tiny (20 m long)
Initiative +4 (+2 size, +2 crew) Crew 1 (Pilot +2)
Passengers 2 Cargo Capacity 110 Kg
Consumables 2 weeks Hyperdrive x1.5 (backup x4)
Maximum Speed Ramming (10 sq/action) Maneuvers +6 (+2 size, +2 crew, +2 ion engines)
Defense 28 (+2 size, +10 armor) Shield Points 81
Hull Points 144 DR 5

CP: 58
EP: 32
Cost: 116,000 Credits


Autoblaster (2 fire-linked); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +6 (+2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire control); Damage: 3d 10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +O, S -2, M/l n/a; Special: Autodfire;

Small Concussion Missile Launcher (2, Holds 8 Missiles Each); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +6 (+2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire control); Damage: 8d 10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +O, S/M/l n/a; Special: Autodfire;

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