You can release all your hatred in a blast of pure Force energy, dealing damage to all those around you.

Prerequisite: Alter, Force-Sensitive, 2 Dark Side Points

Benefits: Waves of your hatred buffet everyone within a 10-meter radius of you. This counts as an attack action and cost 4 vitality points. All those within the radius suffer 2d6 damage and receive a –2 penalty on all attacks, skill checks, and ability checks. Each target may attempt a Fortitude save (DC 15 + the user’s Cha modifier) to reduce the damage by half. The effect lasts for 1 round. You may spend 4 additional vitality points as a move action to maintain the effect for that round. Each round you maintain your Hatred, you deal 2d6 damage. (You may not take two move actions in a round to “maintain” this ability twice.)

The effect always centers on you and moves as you move. Activating this ability grants a Dark Side Point; maintaining it does not. (You may, however, gain additional Dark Side Points for evil actions you perform while using Hatred.)

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