Hapan Nova Battle Cruiser

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Because of the limitations of the Hapan Battle Dragon, the Hapes Consortium decided to design another ship capable of acting as a large-scale support ship. The result was the Nova Battle Cruiser. These starships were built at an unknown shipyard within the Hapes cluster.

Novas have a more traditional design than the Battle Dragon, and include numerous innovations that are believed to be stolen from SoroSuub, Kuat Drive Yards, and Mon Calamari stardocks. Novas are relatively short-range ships, designed to repel major invasions rather than undertaking long-range patrols. The craft's main defense depends on twenty-five Hapan turbolc1seTS, but it also carries ten front-mounted point-defense laser cannons for use against starfighters attacking the Battle Cruiser or Battle Dragon it is protecting. The Nova carries up to twelve Miy'til starfighters and ten Hapan assault bombers.

Novas are also equipped with backup shield generators allowing them to recover quickly from short conflicts.

Craft Hapan Nova-class Battle Cruiser Class Capital
Cost Not for sale (likely to be valued at 19,721,000) Size Huge (400 m long)
Initiative Initiative: +2 (-2 size, +4 crew) Crew 6000 (Skilled, +4)
Passengers 600 (troops and support personnel) Cargo Capacity 600 Metric Tons
Consumables 1 months Hyperdrive x.5 (x12 backup)
Maximum Speed Attack Maneuvers +0 (-4 size, +4 crew)
Defense 16 (-4 size, +10 armor) Shield Points 200
Hull Points 500 DR 30

Hapan turbolasers** (25); Fire Arc: 1 battery front, 1 battery right, 1 battery left, 1 battery rear, 1 battery turret; Attack Bonus: +8 (-2 size, +4 crew, +2 fire control, +4 battery fire); Damage: 7d 10x5; Range Modifiers: PB -4, S -2, M +0, L +0.

Heavy laser cannons (10 point-defense); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +6 (-2 size, +4 crew, +4 fire control); Damage: 5d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +O, S/M/L n/a.

Ion cannons; Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +8 (-2 size, +4 crew, +6 fire control); Damage: Special; Range Modifiers: PB -4, S -2, M +O, L n/a.

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