Gather Information Skill

Gather Information (Cha)
Use this skill to make contacts in an area, find out local gossip, spread rumors, and collect general information.

Check: By succeeding at a skill check (DC 10) and spending an evening passing out credits and buying drinks, you can get a feel for the major news items in a city or spaceport. This result assumes that no obvious reason exist why information would be withheld (such as if you can’t speak the local language). The higher the check result, the better the information.

Information ranges from general to protected, and the cost and DC increases accordingly for the type of information you seek to gather, as given on the table below.

Type of Information DC Cost
General 10 50 credits
Specific 15 100 credits
Restricted 20 250 credits
Protected 25 500 credits

General information concerns local happenings, rumors, gossip, and the like. Specific information usually relates to a specific question, such as “Which way to Mos Espa?” or “What can you tell me about the mysterious woman who always stands behind the senator?” Restricted information includes facts that aren’t generally known and requires that you locate someone who has access to such information. Protected information is even harder to come by and might include some danger, either to the one asking the questions or the one providing the answer. In the case of both restricted and protected information, there’s a chance that someone will take note of anyone asking about information that falls into one of these categories.

You can also increase the amount of credits you use to gather information, gaining a circumstance bonus by effectively offering a bribe (though the process might entail buying more expensive drinks, not necessarily offering a character extra credits). Pay one-half of the cost for each +1 circumstance bonus you want to add to your check. For example, Deel Surool is looking for restricted information about a star system that doesn’t appear on any public astrogation charts. He really wants to get this information, so he spends 250 credits, plus an additional 125 credits for every +1 bonus he want to apply to the check. In this case, he can afford an additional 250 credits, granted him a +2 bonus on the check.

Chain of Command: You can get a broad overview of the command structure of an organization: who the officers or leaders are; how many layers of command exist between the highest-level officers and the average footsoldier (or entry-level operative); how to identify ranks within the organization; and what kind of authority the various ranks have. Discovering the names of specific members of the organization adds +10 to the DC of the Gather Information check, and acquiring their locations adds another +5.

The more secretive the organization, the more difficult this information is to obtain. Publicly recognized organizations are much easier to learn about than organizations that officially don’t exist at all. You can only obtain this information if someone in the community actually knows it. At the GM’s discretion, the local community may be completely ignorant of an organization operating in their area. (If a pirate crew is using the remote and long-abandoned monastery a thousand kilometers away, and no one outside the organization knows they are there, the average citizen can’t provide any information about their command structure.)

Organization DC Cost Examples
Public 10 50 Local government, social club, labor guild
Private 15 100 Jedi Order, commerce guild, private club, military
Exclusive 20 250 Hutt family, “invitation-only” club, local criminals
Secretive 25 500 Rebel Alliance, espionage agency, criminal cartel
“Nonexistent” 30 1,000 Black Sun, “shadow” government, secret police

Retry: Yes, but it takes an evening or so for each check, and characters may draw attention to themselves if they repeatedly pursue a certain type of information.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Gather Information check. You can also take 20, but you must spend twenty times the amount of credits, and it takes twenty evenings to gather the information.

A character with the Skeptical feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Gather Information checks.

A character with the Trustworthy feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Gather Information checks.

Time: You must spend anywhere from a few hours to an entire evening when making a Gather Information check.

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