Force Skills

The Force

One all-encompassing driving Force influences the destiny of the galaxy. An energy field generated by all living things, the Force surrounds and penetrates everything, binding the galaxy together. Universal balance-life and death, creation and destruction is reflected in the Force, and thus is reflected from the Force back into the galaxy at large. The Force, for all the mystery and the power it provides, is as much a part of the natural order as suns and planets and life itself.

The Force has as many mysteries as it has aspects. It may be a nonsentient energy field, the sum of all creation. It may be an eternal entity, knowing and unknowable. It may be both of these and more; it may be something else entirely. The only certain truth is that the Force exists and is omnipresent, and that's enough for most who study its various influences. From the Living Force to the Unifying Force, this mysterious energy field consists of a multitude of properties. The light side and dark side are always present, constantly struggling for balance in the galaxy and within individual beings.

Indeed, certain beings are attuned to the Force. They can feel it flowing through them and can manipulate it to a greater or lesser degree. Most of these beings don't understand the ability, and few have direct control over it. Those with an acute sensitivity to the ebb and flow of the Force can study its patterns and draw upon its energy to enhance their natural abilities. Some can even manipulate the Force to gain almost supernatural powers, such as those demonstrated by the Jedi and the Sith.

Force Skills

This is the list of Force Skills from all Rulebooks.

Affect Mind


Battle Influence


Control Mind

Drain Energy

Drain Knowledge


Enhance Ability

Enhance Senses



Force Defense

Force Grip

Force Light

Force Lightning

Force Push

Force Stealth

Force Strike


Heal Another

Heal Self




Move Object

Plant Surge

See Force

Sever Force


Transfer Essence

Note: The maximum number ranks for all of the listed Force Skills is 3 + Force Level, not 3 + Charcter Level.

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