Force Sensitive Feat

You are sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Force. Though not necessarily a Jedi or a Force-user, you are capable of learning some basic Force skills.

Benefit: You may learn Force-Sensitive-based Force skills as class skills. If you have any Force-user levels (levels in any of the Force-using classes), you may select other Force-based feats when the opportunity arises.

You gain one bonus Force Point when this feat is selected. There is no limit to the number of Force Points a character with this feat may possess.

You are more adept at calling upon the Force to use a Force Point.

A Force-sensitive character (one who has the Force-Sensitive feat) can make a Wisdom check (DC 20) to avoid being surprised. A successful check allows you to act during the surprise round, even if you would otherwise be surprised.

This feat also allows characters to begin the training necessary to eventually take up the mantle of a Force-user. With this feat and a qualified teacher, a character can start to learn the fundamentals of the primary Force feats (Alter, Control, and Sense) without actually gaining any of the formidable powers associated with them. All of the children learning at the Jedi temple, for example, use this feat to help them through their various studies (including lightsaber training) until they are selected by a single master to serve as a Padawan learner (and thus gain their status as a 1st-level Jedi guardian).

Normal: Without this feat, you cannot gain any ranks in Force skills or select other Force-based feats. Also, your maximum allowed total of Force Points is 5 (any points gained beyond this maximum are lost).

Special: Not everyone who selects this feat believes in the Force. A character can gain the benefits of this feat and its associated skills without understanding that he or she is calling upon the Force. Such characters instead attribute their success to luck, a special knack, or some other reason when they take advantage of this feat.

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