Force Defense Skill

Force Defense (Cha)
Requires the Force-Sensitive and Control feats
You can use the Force to improve your resistance to Force-based attacks, wrapping yourself in the Force’s protective embrace.

Check: A Force Defense check adds a Force bonus to any saving throw made against a Force-based attack (including skills and feats). The result of the check indicates the amount of the bonus.

Result Force Bonus
10-14 +2
15-19 +4
20-24 +6
25-29 +8
30+ +10

Special: You can take 10 when making a Force Defense check, but you can’t take 20.

A character with the Mettle feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Force Defense checks.

Time: Force Defense is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. The Force bonus lasts for 10 rounds (1 minute). It can also be used as a reaction against a specific Force attack (also lasting for 10 rounds), but in this case the Force bonus is half that given on the table above.

Vitality Point Cost: 3

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