Fear Skill

Fear (Wis)
Dark Side Skill; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Sense feats
Fear is the path to the dark side of the Force. You can manipulate the Force to learn what frightens others and use that against them, making them more susceptible to the lure of the dark side.

Check: A Fear check provides a Force penalty to a target’s skill checks and attack rolls. The result of the Fear check determines the target’s penalty. The target can negate the penalty by accepting a Dark Side Point.

Result Penalty
10-14 -2
15-19 -4
20-24 -6
25-29 -8
30+ -10

Special: You can take 10 when making a Fear check, but you can’t take 20.

Using this skill gives a character a Dark Side Point.

Multiple uses of this skills against the same target are not cumulative.

A character with the Malevolent feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus of Fear checks.

Time: Fear is an attack action. The penalty lasts for 10 rounds or until the target takes a Dark Side Point.

Vitality Point Cost: 2

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