False Identity Feat

As an operative of the Bothan Spynet, you have been equipped with an alternate identity for those times when you need to go deep undercover.

Prerequisite: Bothan Spynet Member, Bluff 5 ranks, Low Profile

Benefit: With the help of the Bothan Spynet, you have created an alternate persona for your character, complete with life history, goals, and motivations. When using this false identity, Sympathy bonuses that you gain are separate from Sympathy bonuses gained in your original identity. For example, your real identity could have Bothan Sympathy +5 and Hutt Sympathy +1, but your false identity could have Bothan Sympathy +1 and Imperial Sympathy +5. You will need to keep separate track of the Sympathy bonuses for each of your identities, false and real.

Special: If your false identity appears to have died (perhaps as a way for you to escape some danger or disappear), you may begin a new false identity with no points in any Sympathies.

You may take this feat multiple times to maintain multiple identities.

You must have joined the Bothan Spynet to take this feat, but you do not lose its benefits if you later quit the active service of the Bothan Spynet.

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