Droid Masterlist


Industrial Automaton P2-series astromech droid
Industrial Automaton R1-series astromech droid
Industrial Automaton R3-series astromech droid
Industrial Automaton R4-series agromech droid
Industrial Automaton R5-series astromech droid
Industrial Automaton R6-series astromech droid
Industrial Automaton R7-series astromech droid

Repair Droids

Cybot Galactica LE-series Repair Droid
Cybot Galactica LIN Demolitionmech-series Industrial Droid
Kalibac Industries NR-5 Series Repair Droid
Rebaxan Columni MSE-6 Series Repair Droid

Protocol and Commercial Droids

Arakyd Industries RA-7 Series Protocol Droid
Cybot Galactica PD-series "Lurrian" Protocol Droid
Genetech 3D-4X administrative droid
Industrial Automaton LOM-series Protocol Droid
Industrial Automaton SE4-series Protocol Droid
Industrial Automaton TTS-15-series education and tutorial droid
Serv-O-Droid CZ-series Communications Droid

Medical Droids

Industrial Automaton MD-series Medical Droid
Medtech Industries FX-series Medical Droid

Military Droids

Baktoid Combat Automata OOM Command Officer Series Combat Droid
Balmorran Arms SD-series Infantry Droid
Colicoid Eradicator Series Battle Droid
Cybot Galactica 3PO Series Protocol Droid

Security and Guard Droids

Arakyd Industries DZ-series Tracker Droid
Arakyd Industries G-2RD Series Guard Droid
Cybot Galactica GV/3 Series Guardian Droid
Serv-O-Droid TT-8L "Tattletale" Series Guard Droid
SoroSuub 501-Z "Zed" Police Droid

Surveillance and Probe Droids

Arakyd Industries DRK-1 "Dark Eye" Series Probe Droid
Arakyd Industries Mark VII "Inquisitor" Series Seeker
Kystallio Detection RMD-20 "Eye in the Sky" Series Monitoring Droid

Messenger Droids

Arakyd Industries AS-M12 Series Messenger Droid
Cybot Galactica M4-series Messenger Droid

Labor Droids

AccuTronics B1-series worker droid
Cybot Galactica CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter Worker Droid
Industrial Automaton Scrubber droid
MerenData EV-series Supervisor/Interrogator Droid
Publictechnic U2C1 Series Housekeeping Droid
Roche 11-17 Series Mining Droid

Other Droids

Arakyd Industries Mark X Executioner Series
LesTech M38-series Explorer Droid
MerenData Terminax TX-1118-series assassin droid
Sienar Intelligence Systems Mark VI Scarab Series Assassin Droid
Veril Line Systems Gyrowheel 1.42.08 Series Recycling Droid

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