Drain Force Feat

Drain Force
You are able to draw life energy from living beings, gradually absorbing it yourself. Draining the Force from others in this fashion provides you with additional Force Points, but each time you attempt this, you gain a Dark-Side Point.

Prerequisite: Alter, Control, Force-Sensitive, Sith Sorcery, Force level 6th+, 6+ Dark Side Points

Benefits: Once per week, you may attempt to absorb Force energy from another character. This target must be within 10 meters when you make the attempt. In addition, the target must have at least one Force Point for the ability to work. Having this feat does not allow you to know how many Force Points a target has at the time you use this feat. (The character’s player-or the GM, in the case of GM characters-is not required to let you know whether the character has any Force Points before you make the attempt.)

When you exercise this ability, the target must immediately attempt a Fortitude saving throw (DC 20). If the save succeeds, you gain nothing. If the save fails, the target loses one Force Point, and you gain one Force Point.

Using this feat doesn’t cost you vitality points, but it does grant you a Dark Side Point.

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