Drain Energy Skill

Drain Energy (Con)
Requires the Force-Sensitive and Alter feats
You can deplete power packs, energy cells, and similar power sources of energy, rendering electronic devices and powered weaponry useless until the power source is replaced or recharged.

Check: Your Drain Energy check sets the DC for the target’s Will save. Unattended items are automatically drained, as they don’t get to make a saving throw. A character gets to make a Will save for an item that he or she grasps, wears, caries, or is using when the Drain Energy check is made. Droids are considered to be unattended items for the purposes of the check.

Result Will Saving Throw DC
14 or less 10
15-24 15
25+ 20

On a successful save, the target item is unaffected. On a failed save, the item’s power source is drained and the item can’t be used until the power source is replaced or recharged.

The vitality point cost depends on the item being drained.

Power Source Example VP Cost
Simple device Datapad, comlink 2
Power pack Blaster, ion gun 4
Energy cell Lightsaber, Vibro 8
Portable generator E-Web repeating blaster, Droid 12

Power generators larger than portable units, such as a standard fusion generator like those found in power droids, vehicles, and ships, are too large to be affected by this skill.

Special: You can take 10 when making a Drain Energy check, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Drain Energy is a full-round action and provokes an attack of operation.

Vitality Point Cost: Depends on target item; see above.

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