Diplomatic Immunity Feat

Diplomatic Immunity
Your government (or one with which you are affiliated) has a diplomatic treaty with another government. While you are within the territory of the other government, you are effectively immune to their laws-up to a point.

Benefit: Select a recognized political entity, such as the Empire, the Hapan Consortium, the Corporate Sector, the Old Republic, or the New Republic. (You cannot select the Hutts because of the unpredictable nature of Hutt justice.) If you are arrested for a crime while within the borders of that political entity, you can make a Diplomacy check to invoke your diplomatic credentials and not suffer the usual legal penalty or punishment. The severity of the crime determines the DC of the Diplomacy check, and how the authorities react if you succeed.

Special: If you fail the check by more than 10, you lose the benefits of this feat until you advance a level.

You must be affiliated with a recognized political body to take this feat. You cannot select a government with which your political body is at war. If war breaks out between the two governments, you lose the benefits of this feat until hostilities are suspended.

Severity of Crime Example Diplomacy Check DC Effect of Successful Diplomacy Check
Class 5 Disturbing the peace, public intoxication, noninjurious traffic violation 15 -2 on subsequent Diplomacy checks in that area
Class 4 Possession of controlled substance, injurious traffic violation, operating a business without a license, operating a vehicle without a license, operating a starship without a license, assault (without a deadly weapon) 20 -5 on subsequent Diplomacy checks in that area
Class 3 Attempted briber of a public official, robbery or grand theft, aiding and abetting a known felon, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a concealed weapon 25 -10 on subsequent Diplomacy checks in that area
Class 2 Murder/manslaughter, fraud or smuggling, assault against a public official, trafficking in controlled substances 30 Deportation within 2d6 hours
Class 1 Conspiracy against the government, murder of a public official, sabotage of public utilities 35 Detention pending diplomatic action by character's affiliated government
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